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I sit sometimes in wonder at the ocean blue.
I watch as the waves crash here and over there,
as they meet dry land.
Steady and inviting I find the ocean blue.
Inviting on surf to take my board,
and get up off the sand.

As I paddle the waves grow bigger.
Each stroke fights tide and surf,
as distance grows from land.
Still as I paddle the waves grow bigger.
Until the waves calm before me,
with each paddle of my hand.

The ocean begs for fun, as the waves roll in.
The world knows you’re crazy,
like the smile upon your face.
The ocean begs you ride, as the waves roll in.
All will know you’re crazy,
as toward land you race.

The ocean knows you’re crazy.
And loving every moment of your insanity.


I enjoy every moment of the insanity as I lose myself in every moment atop the waves.