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This great nation was founded as a constitutional republic where members are elected at a local level to give voice at a federal level. Freedoms of speech, expression and other rights recognized as given by our creator are revered and protected. It was founded on the idea that a varied people could unite under a central leadership. That those same people could maintain autonomy as states. All while serving the greater good of its entire people.

This nation knew its strength was in unity. It was founded believing in people and their ability to self-govern. Personal responsibility, duty to nation and the ideal of people directing the government by casting a vote to have a voice.

What a grand experiment that was started by our forefathers or was it?

I submit to you the experiment had been going on decades and centuries before.

Imagine a people with varied customs, religion and culture stretching from Minnesota to Washington, to Oregon to Nebraska and Iowa and parts of Canada. A people who banded together to form a nation and a national government. That nation was based on small likeminded groups people who elected by free election, members to represent their local interests to the larger nation. That larger nation would hear the needs and vote in senate like assembly on matters that affect the greater nation.

It was a nation that sent aid in times of disaster or famine and even had a system to care for the lame. Had medicine including aspirin and other things used in medicine today. They had citizen soldiers and teachers, doctors, judges, and elected officials.

I give to you the Suiox nation that you’ve just imagined.

The Suiox nation was already such a model. A central government, made up of many regions (Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, Cheyenne, Yanktonai, Yankton, Sisseton, Teton) Those regions consisting of states (The Lakota states were: Sichanha, Oglala, Itazipcho, Hunkpapna, Miniknowozu, Sihasapa, Oohenunpa) .

Each state Oglala being mine elected tribal members to represent them on the national council. Each state trained and maintained warriors, civilian warriors much like our national guard. These warriors knew they could be called upon to defend not only their state and region but the nation as a whole. All state adults had a vote, man and woman each and each was equal to one vote.

After counting the votes the member who won was the elected representative to the national council. This representative would travel to the national capital near crow creek on the Missouri River. All matters of the nation were debated and voted on in these councils.

Any member of any state (and not just its elected representative) could address the council and council meetings were formal and scheduled regularly.

All people boys and girls of the Suiox were educated. Of course education back then included hunting, fishing, sewing, math, language, history, and more. What is the one subject that was absent from social schooling? Religion, because that was left up to parents to teach. After all religions were varied under this great nation.

These states traded goods within the region and within the nation. They had marked territories and local judges. Rules and laws both as a nation and as a state or tribe. They had varied customs, faiths, hopes and dreams and they all belonged to one great nation. They had courts where three judges would sit and hear disputes and settle them according to the law.

Hundreds of years before America was founded. The native people known as the Suiox already educated everyone, recognized men and women as equals, voted for leaders, had religious freedoms, had freedom to speak, and access to government. They had a rule of law, systems for becoming a citizen as some French trappers had become, a national language and regional languages.

So hundreds of years before America was even a concept, before Europeans “discovered it” there were people already living the American dream.

I submit to you the savages who were already hundreds of years ahead of the civilized settlers. Peacefully coexisting under the Suiox dream and who have been all but erased because we allowed ourselves to be.

Wake up America you’re next to be erased the moment you relinquish your freedoms for peace or for any other reason. When my people did they almost exterminated the real first great experiment known as the American dream. And all for promised security and peace and neither was delivered. Only deceipt and death followed relinquishing even just some of our god given rights.

Peace and security for limiting freedoms sound familiar? It should.