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In June I was answering questions from my blog and facebook friends. I have an update for one of those questions. I answered it on June 11, 2014. The question was as follows.

“What part about the future scares you?”

I had two fears at the time. The first was “Will I ever be free of these nightmares. That question scares me because I fear the answer is probably no.” I can say now I’ve been free of them for some time. I can add it’s so nice now sleeping 5-6 hours rather than 2-3 at a time. So that fear has been answered with heavenly mercy.

I also said “I fear the day these men are released especially the monster who stole my face.” The monster who stole my face died before seeing 2015 roll in. He died in a minimum security facility with his family nearby. I requested this mercy for him and the parole board and prison authorizes honored my request. I hope he died knowing mercy, grace and peace. He is free now and I certainly don’t fear him now.

As for the remaining men. One has converted his life to saving souls, he has repented for the wrong he caused me and I have fully forgiven him and don’t fear his eventual release. The remaining men will do their time, I’ve forgiven them though they have yet to repent or even offer a sincere I’m sorry. They will be old and grey before they see the sun as free men. I don’t fear them any longer.

I wrote this and several posts about forgiveness: https://aghostdancer.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/forgiveness-is-______/ and it truly is a beginning.

It’s just the beginning of the rest of your life without that burden. The burden of hate has weighed me many years. I am free of hate and because of that freedom I am also free of fear. So pastor Dan you challenge me to Forgiveness is _____ (freedom from fear).

Forgiveness is the freedom which kills all fears. Freedom to know we are forgiven, Freedom to know there is more beyond what we may suffer. Freedom to seek our heavenly fathers grace and mercy. It is powerful and conquers all hate, anger, death, darkness and fears. Forgiveness is the freedom to live without fear.

That’s it for my small update for now.