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On to week three of the flash fiction challenge by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Artists, check out their blog and join in. Check out mine inspired by this week’s photo prompt. Photo provided and credited to: pricelessjoy.co

Autumn of our lives

Autumn of our lives photo by pricelessjoy.co story by Michelle Styles

All things in their season

By Michelle Styles


Friday March 4th, 2015

(149 words)

Sarah and TJ walk the path they’ve walked so many times before. It seemed like yesterday when they first walked it that perfect fall day.

Walking hand in hand as they always have in silence. Breaking the beautiful silence TJ asks “Do you remember our first time here?” Sarah replied “Of course you asked for my hand right over there.” pointing to the tree.

“I would’ve never thought we’d have as many blessed years as these.” He said as he stopped to look into her eyes. He was thinking how her eyes haven’t aged a bit or lost an ounce of sparkle.

Getting down on one knee TJ proclaims his love thanks her for all these happy years. Fitting it was autumn when she first said yes and this was now the autumn of their lives.

TJ smiled and knew he had found something true those many years ago.