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The day the heavens parted


This is for my lover, my wife and the woman to whom I give my life. I know you’re hurting now and feeling like you’ve failed. You’ve given me so much, let me help you, let me in. You have to know you can’t always be perfect and perfection has never been expected. Though in my eyes you’ve always been and forever shall be perfect.


So please let me help. What can I do? Please I’m strong enough to share your burdens. Put some trust in me, you don’t have to do it alone. You are the day the heavens parted, the one moment etched in my mind beyond even death. Your love has been my rock in darkness. I want to be yours.


The day she first smiled at me and I knew she’s mine

The day my father blessed me with angel of her kind

The day our lips first meet and my eyes caught hers

The day of her first touch wasn’t just a blur

Tenderness and kindness, I saw within her eyes

Then this angel stayed with me, much to my surprise

I knew from first touch, that she was sent for me

I knew that first moment, this was meant to be

You’ve been there for me and I for you

I promise forever and always to be there too

I’m in awe of your strength and will

Your words and touch make my mind still

Every morning you’re the reason I rise

You’re the reason for my; cloudless skies

It’s true I swear and now you need me

I love you always, please can’t you see

Let me help you as you’ve helped me

Together we’re strong, we’re wild and free

Know now and forever that you are not alone

To each in life, some curves are thrown

Remember we’re a team. I’m here by your side

Together along this life, I’m here for the ride

Look where we are, look what you started

You are the day that my heavens parted


I love you Sarah. Let me help. I’m am weak, but only for your love. In all other matters I am a rock for you, as you’ve been for me. You aren’t alone and I’m your partner. It’s killing me watching you struggle and thinking you have to do this alone.


You are not alone and as long as there is breathe in my lungs. You never will be. Can’t you see me? I’m the one with the rope tied round her waist in the water right beside you yelling “GRAB MY HAND”.