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God is _____ (Jealous)

What Michelle? You’ve lost your mind!

Hear me out. God loves us so much he created the earth and the heavens for us. He made us each, hand crafted master pieces. He loved us so much he knew us before we were born and promises us life eternal. God (from a Christian view) loved us so much he sent his only son to die for us.

How much more could you love another than to lay aside your own life for them or the life of your child? Well god loves us that much! He loves us enough to die for us. When we don’t live for him he is jealous of the things that take us away from him.

He is the good father patient and true. He waits for us to value him as much as he values us. Remember he would die for you and (for Christians) he has. But his death sealed our fate to life and sealed his promise to life eternal in blood.

He is jealous of the things that try to take us from him. He places so much value on us and in us. Our only true worth is his love for us. Can we say we love him enough to die for him?

So many people see value in the things they’ve done. A church or business they built, people they taught, the money they collected, the works they do, or the things they have. But did those endeavors build our bond stronger or stretch it and weaken it?

Why do we need to place value of things? Even good things we do? Am I a good person because I volunteer at the women’s crisis center? No. It is good to help others but doing so doesn’t make us righteous or good. Therefore we shouldn’t take pride in what we’ve done. It doesn’t bring us closer to god to be prideful in ourselves.

There is nothing in this life I’ve done alone that I am proud of. I know Michelle you must be joking. No I’m not. Because everything in my life I can be proud of god did for me. My son that he gave me to raise and care for. My wife he sent me to love and to hold. The ears I now have and my face too are because of him. Even my healing isn’t me it’s him.

I am proud I yet stand because he gave me the strength to. I’ve done nothing in this life of note that he wasn’t part of. Therefore I am proud he loves me enough to do this for me.

He can and will do great things through us. We may never see those things fulfilled in our mortal lifetimes. But I can assure you when you lead a god centered life, great and wonderful things will come. Your earthly fortunes will wane and your deeds will be lost in time if they are done in greed.

He promised to do great things through us. Look no further than Abraham for the proof.

One thing I learned reading the Christian bible is this. Why hasn’t god fulfilled his promise?

I mean he promised Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars. For a long while he must have gazed into the heavens and thought what a lie I have no children. Or maybe even when god, when?

Then Abraham has two sons. One not with his wife who had 12 children and one with his wife who also married a barren woman. Abraham died before seeing his twin grandsons. These were all the sons Isaac had. But Jacob Isaacs son would go on to have 12 sons.
Abraham never got to see gods promise fulfilled. How many times did he look up and wonder if the promise was real? I mean he never got to meet his grandchildren. But god made good on his word none the less.

I’ve learned it’s not in my time to ask when. But instead to just know it is true. God promised to make me whole. It took fifteen years and here I am, proof his word is true.

My works, my name and my deeds will die as certainly as my mortal life will someday end. But yet the things that bring honor and glory to the heavenly father will live beyond the millennia. I would ask you not to trifle with gods feelings. Do not make him jealous on purpose.

Place him first in your life and be proud of the fact he loves you and not of the things you believe you did alone.