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You’re too skinny, you’re too fat.
You’re to this and you’re to that.
I feel good just leave me be.
When will girls wake up and see.
The only you that you need to be.
Is the you that you like to see.
She’s to smart, she’s to dumb.
She’s a slut, She’s just scum.
I’m tired of living to what you expect.
Where’s the button to eject.
You are right as you suspect.
I don’t care you are correct.
You’re hairs to short, or to long.
When will girls see there’s nothing wrong.
Live for yourself and love being you.
Don’t let the world make you blue.
The only opinion that is ever true.
Is the one you have of you!

~Michelle Styles

Never worry what someone thinks of you. Most times they’re just jealous. No one lives for you, so live for yourself. When you learn to shut out the costant stream of what others think you should be you’ll also learn to be happy with yourself.