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A reply to Dan Ledwith: https://danledwith.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/follow-up-part-1/

More of my answers to the questions posted.

  1. How do you welcome a person into your church, home, or life who is living a life that you believe does not bring honor and glory to God?

Short answer is would you like to be judged on that same standard? Does YOUR life bring honor and glory to God? Are you sinless? If you can honestly answer yes your sinful life brings honor and glory to God than wouldn’t my own sinful life or another’s bring the same honor and glory?

See all life brings glory to God. In all of us is sin. But in all of us is also the potential to obey God and do great good. When I personally defied nearly everyone and my family stood their ground with my choice. That was an extreme good.


I wrote of the pressure to abort that child. I wrote of the extreme pressure and of my family united when I said no I won’t kill this baby! It wasn’t an easy choice. But wouldn’t that single choice alone honor and glorify God? Do you think that single choice outweighs the things I do that may be sinful?

See I believe God truly sees our good and over looks much of our bad. Every human has had moments like this that bring honor and glory to the heavenly father. I rarely ask anyone why they sin. I instead prefer to ask them how I can help, what things they need, how can I show them understanding today.

Why do I care about showing them love and understanding, helping them? Because did Jesus ever ask if someone was worthy before healing them or helping them? Did he only heal those who brought “glory and honor” to God? The short answer is no. He sought out those bringing the least glory and honor because he knew they could be changed.

He knew that by the standard of bringing glory and honor no one is worthy. The best we can do is not judge the bad, highlight the good and lead a life we feel would encourage others to honor and glorify our heavenly father.

If you live your life that way and don’t worry about what others do or if others are worthy of your help. You might just reach those most broken and change a life for the better. Others might see your life and realize how much you love God. Not by how you live a sinless life. But by the example of love for all.

See when you reach out and help the most broken, others will see and follow your example. Together we forge a better world and that my friends IS what brings honor and glory to God in heaven. Changing the world one life at a time with love and understanding for all.

Trust me I’ve heard it all. We’ve been kicked out of churches because we are gay. My father in-law said it best to a pastor.

Pastor what is your job? (Pastor) To teach the word of God. (Father in-law) How can you teach them when you have thrown his children from your presence. They can’t hear your words. You will never be able to teach the word of God to them. Why because you judge their sin rather than teach His word. (pastor) Stunned silence……

His point is clear and true. How can you teach if instead you judge. Does your judgment bring glory or honor to God who alone is the only judge? Therein lies the problem with the question. Instead of judging whether someone brings honor or glory to God in your eyes, try stepping back and asking how can I demonstrates Gods love for them? That brining love is what honors and glorifies God.

He did tell us to love one another. Not love only those you think love me the way you want them to. That love starts with you and ends with the Father. You example is His will on earth, His example on earth.

I believe the question should be “How can I demonstrate Gods love to all who observe me? How can I honor and glorify God today?” Or maybe “When I come across one I know is sinning how can I; through my love and my example demonstrate the honor and glory of my heavenly Father?”

We need to take the personal judgment out of this question and turn it on it’s head. Don’t expect others to honor and glorify God. Expect it of yourself. This alone is the only honor and glory we have any control over. Our own example, not with words but with love and action based on love.

“But Michelle if they are a sinner they can’t be saved?” Wrong because if that were un able to be saved then you, nor any human could be saved. “But Michelle God frowns on……x sin!” He may but he also tells us HE is the only judge. His commandment to us? Love one another as I have loved you! He loved the prostitutes, the murderers, the cheats, the sick, the unclean. He spent more time among them than the so called holy men of the time.

So don’t worry about others, look inward, love outward and honor and glory will be given to God. Not by the judgment of others but by the love of God.