When the urge strikes you,

The year 2001, the place high school, 6th period, AP history class, Junior year. The subject the holocaust.

While watching a non-closed caption holocaust video I knew Michelle was bored out of her mind. Being deaf she needed closed caption considering most of the film was narrated. But this film had no closed caption or subtitles. So we were signing in the darkened class and goofing off.

All the while smirking and looking around, trying not to be so bored. You’ve probably sat through a class like that or two? We were trying to be quiet. Honest we were. And we succeeded for a while.

As class wore on one of the senior boys was passing by the door. Of course I had to tell Michelle who was watching him with great interest. We knew him, a jock and one of the “cool” kids. He was handsome too so that didn’t hurt. I mean genuine grade A eye candy!

Well as he was passing the door his friend came by and pants him. This sent him tumbling to the ground. I mean face plant!

I guess Michelle and I were the only ones who saw it. I know because we were the only ones to bust out laughing. And I don’t mean a little laugh, I mean rip roaring; fall out of your seat; belly laugh. Here was mister cool senior, mister hot boy, face down with his pants around his ankles with his ass up in the air like some bad cartoon.

Of course this was during the scene where they talked about the ovens used to burn the bodies of the Jews.

The teacher stops the film and turns on the lights. Obviously flustered and upset by our laughing at what seemed something inappropriate to laugh at. In the meantime the commotion in the hall has ended. And the hot senior had pulled up his pants and vacated the hall.

By the look on his face it was obvious the teacher is mad as a hornet. His face was almost knotted in anger. He was clenching his teeth and it was clear he was holding back his anger as best he could.

Because our teacher sees nothing funny about the movie and begins lecturing us. But we didn’t stop giggling. Every time we looked at each other one of both would make the sign for hitting your face. What can I say; the things kids find funny.

Our gestures to each other of course resulting in more laughing. All the while our teacher is getting more and more upset. Finally he yells “WHAT THE HELL IS SO FUNNY! THEY KILLED JEWS IN OVENS!” I wasn’t able to think that fast but I said “Wouldn’t pizza taste better in ovens.” The teacher looked at Michelle and said well no wise ass remarks? Michelle looks at me and signs “Does it taste like chicken too?”

I LOST IT! The teacher bellows “What did she say?” I replied “You don’t want to know.” THAT’s IT! The teacher ran out of patience.

Needless to say because of the sensitive nature of the material being covered we were sent to the principal’s office. We tried to explain but it earned us detention. That and we both became known as the girls who laughed during the holocaust class.

That sucked but we still laugh about the Sr. boy who got pants and fell on his face in the hall. Every time we saw him we’d sign to the other hitting your face. The laughter would erupt again and again. Eventually people stopped talking about us laughing at the holocaust, even though that isn’t what was funny at all.

My only regret is that I was such a wise ass to the teacher. Mr. Care was really quiet nice. I can still make her laugh sometimes today by signing remember and signing hit my face. It’s not as funny anymore but it still gets her sometimes.