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Getting the boot


Michelle and I are always competing. Fishing is no exception. This hot spring day in Miami was going to be fun. Dad was taking us out for some big fish. As an adult of ten years old I wanted to be in charge. I picked the fishing spot, packed our lunch which I made myself (I am an adult you know), and even planned our games and activities.


Mom was dressed in her finest fishing swim suit (haha). She always hated fishing, but she loves eating them. She also loved tanning. Michelle arrived with her mom and dad and Martin for our fishing trip. Much to my displeasure I was overruled about not taking my brother along. My dad said he had to go.


With undeterred glee I rushed to pick seating arrangements. I was going to put myself in the best seat of course. The perk of being an adult you know!


Anyway everyone had their seats, the lunch was on board, and we were under way to MY fishing hole. All the way out we talked and joked about fishing, boys, school,, teachers, and of course brothers (Eww)! We drank water, played cards, chased each other and giggled a lot.


Mom said I was going to scare all the fish away. But that was more because we were making noise near her and getting in the sun preventing her even tan.


After what seemed like forever we arrived at the spot I’d picked. I remember rushing to my seat and I was the first one with my line in the water. I was going to catch the biggest, most memorable fish ever! I just knew it.


The morning wore on and lunch time arrived and I hadn’t caught a thing. Dad however (you know the sworn enemy of a daughter bent on catching the biggest fish ever) caught the first fish of the day. Martin and Michelle’s mom also caught fish before lunch. AHHHHHHH!


Lunch time…


I inhaled my sandwich so I could get back to fishing. Michelle snagged a fish. Ah Ha! A small one I thought to myself. Mine would be bigger, yes much bigger. As the afternoon went on it seemed I would be shut-out and then it happened!


My pole about doubled over, nearly snapping in two as I reeled it in. What a fight! I screamed and giggled and laughed and teased everyone about me catching the biggest fish ever. Moby Dick! Yes I had Moby Dick on my line. I was sure of it. I told my dad to get the camera because he was going to need proof of this whooper.


I fought that fish for more than 20 minutes, it seemed to get bigger and bigger. My pole was strained under the enormous weight. I bet my smile could be seen from space!


I fought and fought, dad got the net, everyone gathered round me. I had that fish right where I wanted it. I was even taking bets on how big it was and swore it must weigh as much as me. I reeled and pulled and relaxed and feed it line and reeled and pulled.


As it got near dad dropped the net in the water and scooped it up. It took but a moment for my face to show my surprise. It wasn’t a fish at all. It was a rubber boot that I’d reeled in. Michelle looks at me and signs. “For all that fight it should have been the fireman and not just his boot.”


Dad said you were right dear smile.. *click* he needed the camera because no one would believe that whooper.

I trip home was all about our day and my big catch. It certainly was memorable, it certainly was a great fight but it didn’t work out quite as I had planned.


That’s the day I missed the fireman and I “got the boot”.