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The Rev. Al Sharpton said Sunday that “the fight ain’t over” in the wake of the grand jury declining to not indict a white police officer in the killing of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Speaking Sunday at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis where Brown’s funeral was held in August, Sharpton said the resignation of Officer Darren Wilson  on Saturday is not enough.

“Reporters started calling me, saying the officer had resigned from his job and said that he hopes it would lead to healing the city,” Sharpton said. “But you can’t heal leaving the injured out of the process.”

Brown’s family still has “open wounds” from his death, Sharpton said, and that “taking his job” was never the objective of protesters. They want a federal investigation.

In this ever so humble girls opinion the parents share in the blame for their sons death. His long criminal record, thug like attitude and sense of entitlement helped lead us to were we are today. This 6 foot 4 inch 300 pound “child” was used to using his size to bully and intimidate people. His parents didn’t teach him this was unacceptable.

As a result of absentee parenting and lack of personal responsibility for his own actions this “child” is dead. All the whining and excuses in the world can’t bring him back now.

As a parent I’ve taught my son personal responsibility. He has learned by example and teaching that what he does are his own choices. Good choices lead to good outcomes and bad choices lead to poor outcomes. My son has been taught right from wrong, been given a moral and spiritual foundation and been taught to use his judgment when making choices.

He has never been told for his choices “Oh, you poor baby it’s not your fault.” Let’s face it kids make mistakes and each mistake is a teaching moment. Mr. Brown aka “the child” never had this obviously. If he did we wouldn’t be here discussing this today.

Had he been taught by his parents he’d have known.

Drugs, bad choice.

Stealing, bad choice.

Assaulting a store clerk, bad choice.

Assaulting an officer, bad choice.

These are just the choices we know about on that one single day. He did drugs, stole and committed two assaults, the last one proved lethal.

Sharpton continues, “It was not about Darren Wilson’s job. It was about Michael Brown’s justice,” Sharpton said. “Because we saw Michael, their son, as if it could have been ours. And we are not giving up. We said from the first rally – we didn’t trust the local grand jury.”

Again if it’s about justice then let’s talk justice. Threatening a good policeman and driving him from his job is far from justice. What Michelle good policeman?? Yup let me explain.

These two bullies (Michael Brown and his friend) assaulted officer Wilson without cause. The officer was still in his car when these two thgs jumped him and tried to take his gun. After the gun discharged the thugs ran away. Officer Wilson ordered them to stop, to freeze but DIDN’T open fire while they were fleeing from the assault.

After they stopped he DIDN’T open fire. Not until they realized we aren’t hurt and began charging officer Wilson did he open fire on these two thugs, killing Mr. Brown. See a pattern of poor choices on Mr. Browns part forming here?

Officer Wilson showed incredible restraint in not firing at the fleeing thugs.. err “6 foot 4 inch 300 pound almost 18 year old children”. Officer Wilson since the incident has been tried and convicted in the media who didn’t bother to report a single real fact of the case.

That same media who fanned the flames of injustice have done an injustice to not only officer Wilson but to journalism as a whole.

U.S. Attorney Gen. Eric Holder has said the Justice Department is conducting two civil rights investigations, one against Wilson and one against the Ferguson Police Department that has 50 white officers and three black officers even though the St. Louis suburb is 67 percent black.

Have we bothered to see if there were even enough “blacks” considering law enforcement in the area to make up 67 percent of the police force? No this isn’t even a question. The only thing Eric Holder is interested in is more division and more injustice. Moving on…

“We lost the round, but the fight ain’t over,” Sharpton told the congregation on Sunday. “You won the first round, Mr. Prosecutor, but don’t cut your gloves off, ’cause the fight’s not over. Justice will come to Ferguson.”

Sharpton was referring to St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, whom critics say didn’t try hard enough to convince the grand jury to indict They use the excuse that Wilson. McCulloch’s father was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty by a black man so therefore he didn’t try hard enough.

Sorry folks. This is simply not the case. So let me enlighten you. The only story that has any backing is the story of officer Wilson. Two black eye witnesses who actually saw not “I heard it from someone witnesses that were dismissed”. These two witnesses told stories that 100% supported the officers story. The autopsy reports (both the county and the family paid separate reports) supported the officers testimony.

There were not shots to the back of the head, no execution style murders, nothing to support the media hype and claims they made not for journalism but for ratings.

But McCulloch says “he offered every piece of evidence and every witness he had to the grand jury to allow its members to make a decision on whether to prosecute.”

Which by the way was his ONLY job. Here is all the evidence we have that is not hearsay or unsubstantiated. Now ladies and gentlemen (4 of twelve were black) of the jury please make a decision. And they did.

Frankly, I did not think it would happen. I thought for sure they would drag this out and continue the miscarriage of justice. The fact they didn’t is nearly miraculous. I was almost certain that Officer Darren Wilson was going to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness to satisfy race hustlers such as Al Sharpton, Eric Holder and Jesse Jackson, and to silence the violent, destructive mobs.

Fortunately I was wrong. In the Michael Brown case, the rule of law trumped mob rule. Twelve people chose to ignore the trial-by-media that had gone on for months and actually examine all of the evidence in the case. Having done this, the grand jury decided that Brown’s death was the result of a justifiable use of deadly force. It appears that the Grand Jury understood that one person and one person only was responsible for Michael Brown’s death, and that person was Michael Brown. It’s all about choices and Michael Brown made all the wrong ones that day. Which is why I put some of the blame for his death on his parents.

Ultimately Mr. Brown paid the ultimate price for his own poor choices. That is the lesson my son has learned from all this.

We now know that many of the so-called “eye witnesses” interviewed over and over by the mainstream media were not even present when the shooting occurred. We also know that several eye witnesses had to change their stories when their testimony was refuted by the physical evidence.

We also finally have access to the testimony of Officer Darren Wilson who, as it turns out, was attacked in his police car by a crazed Michael Brown; an image, by the way, that fits with the 6’-4” 300 pound bully that can be seen on videotape attacking a store owner who had the guts to challenge Brown’s open and blatant theft o his merchandise.

But we know more than that now. We also know that the low-lifers who looted and burned Ferguson stores care nothing about Michael Brown, his family, or justice. Brown’s shooting was just an excuse for a mob of criminals looking for an opportunity to do what they do best: steal, pillage, and destroy.

We’ve also now seen one white man beat to deaths with hammers by black youth. That is supposed to be justice for Michael Brown? Sure let’s kill and beat people who had NOTHING to do with the case at all. Even the threats on the loves of those involved are far from useful.

Another thing we learned once the evidence presented to the grand jury was made available to the public is that the mainstream media is complicit in the destruction and mob violence that has taken place in Ferguson.

The evidence shows the wanton disregard for facts and the sensationalizing of these events. The mainstream media was so determined to have a controversial story to cover that it was willing to create one in Ferguson. Frankly, the more violence, unrest, and lawlessness that could be generated in Ferguson, the better for television news ratings; and it is ratings—not Michael Brown—that the hypocrites in the mainstream media are interested in. There was no justice here in the media. There was a wanton and willing abortion of the facts. Now the media can’t accept the rule of law nor that officer Wilson was innocent from the start.

Because of the advent of news coverage that is aired 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year by on an almost endless number of news outlets, relevance and ratings can be elusive. Facts don’t matter in the end and journalism as it was meant to be has died. This explains all to well why the news doesn’t report the news they create it.

It is no stretch to suggest that reporters purposefully sought out people who were willing to spout inflammatory rhetoric, even though their words bore no resemblance to the facts. After all they wanted the exclusive story and all for ratings and the almighty dollar. Facts and truth be damned.

Because of the slanted, false and biased coverage of events in Ferguson by the mainstream media had the desired effect: it stirred up racial resentment and gave license to criminals who turned the tragic events there into a block party augmented by looting, drinking, and burning.

We now know that what has been reported from Ferguson for months by the mainstream media bears little or no resemblance to the facts examined by the grand jury. With little true coverage and leading questions it’s no surprise the abortion is this story.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will await the next opportunity to exploit the frustration of black Americans in some other situation and location. Within a week or two all that will be left in Ferguson are the residents that call that town home and the burned out stores that were ransacked by looters who don’t even live there. I think the good folks of Ferguson should rebuild their town and send the bills to Al Sharpton and the media.

What kind of man of God ignores truth and incenses violence against others. Pastors like Rev Jackson and Sharpton should be drummed out of churches. They have no interest in the ten commandments. Their faces on the news is more important than thou shall not lie, murder, steal, an what other examples do they set?

If Jesus were alive today he’d say they don’t speak for me. I’m about love, honesty, compassion and as a pastor I know likes to say GRACE. Jesus was and is about loving your fellow man and not teaching hatred on any basis color, economic status or any other measure. Jesus would have asked for calm while the law proceeds and understanding for all the victims. Officer Wilson and his family, the police force and Michael Brown and his family.

All are victims to these false men of God and the media driven not by truth but by the almighty dollar.

Michael Brown was a thug. His actions lead to his death. His parents failure to teach him not to be a thug lead to his death. We have a media and pretending pastors like Jackson and Sharpton who want to stir racial resentment and hatred for their own vile purposes. We have a media complacent in the lies and willing to fabricate a story where one doesn’t exist. We have a generation of people raised as victims and willing to act poorly in civil society, egged on by race baiters and media shysters eagerly enforcing the victim-hood  fairy tale for fame and profit.

Ferguson lost more than one young man. They lost a good cops and the respect of a nation.  All for the profit of the media and race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson. Ultimately that’s the bottom line.