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A light in a world of darkness,

Pitch of black, night rises forth to endless abandon.

Endless are the ways of darkened night.

Tides awash in rhythm with all creation and darkness beacons me.

Yet in darkness there remains a light.

Am I blinded and unable to see? The light left on for me.

Wander alone, in wilderness vast and cry out from the darkness.

Desperate to depart my extended night.

Shadows pull and turn away, all my senses numb.

Tearing flesh from my mind I fight.

Am I blind and can not see? The light just there, left on for me

In my journey I’ve seen a light has been left on for me. It’s always been there calling me home and out of the darkness. My journey is ye full circle back to the path I knew in my innocence but I can see the lighted way there. The light has always been left on for me to return.

No matter how dark and hopeless there was always a light. I may have been blind to it through pain, depression, self hatred, or any number of other human failings. The one thing I know is the light was always on for me.

My take away has been I need to look for the light harder when I don’t see it and just have faith it’s there. Blindness can be good when it builds our faith in something greater. My blindness shall never conceal the light from me. It will only remind me I’m not looking hard enough.

Sometimes the light is that hand that holds yours, sometimes it’s a good word. It comes in so many fashions I guess it’s easy to miss the life line of light.

I am thankful for the light. Brought to be from God in all I am thankful for in this life.

Today I am thankful for so much. I am thankful for life, family, good friends. I am thankful for these things because they can’t be replaced. That’s why I am thankful for them. Worldly good come and go but when we lose life, family or good friends the true worth of lose is measured. Everything else can be replaced.

I am thankful for you, I love you and God bless!