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Like the pirates of yester year so is the ISIS of today. Where ever the black flags fly death, anarchy and lawlessness ensue. Coincidence?


The media conveys immediacy, but it doesn’t convey culture. Its famous flattening effect makes the public from D.C. to Berkeley feel like they’re right among the toppled buildings of Aleppo or Gaza, without actually giving them any insight into the motivations of the players.


It’s funny how the media taints the truth of the situation. The media allows the viewer to obtain a slanted picture and partial truth to base an opinion off. How much have you heard about the ISIS? How much about the black flag they fly?


It’s been a while since westerners lived in a society in which human life was truly worthless, in which no one trusted anyone else and it was easier to kill than not to kill. That is the culture found under Islam and is pervasive in the middle east.


The only life in the west that is worthless is the unborn children but that’s a different story and for a different time.


Men kill their wives and daughters over petty suspicions and perceived slights of honor. Women commit suicide in desperation. Clans murder each other in vicious brawls. Wedding celebrations begin with firing guns into the air and end with bodies on the ground.


Such is life under Islam. Such is life when life means nothing. When slavery thrives buth in purchased slaves and devalued women.


Everything is worth more than people. A camel has value. A car has value. A cell phone has value. All these things are hard to make. At least for such a culture they are hard to make. Perhaps this is also why so few noble prizes come from Islam or Muslims.


Contrast the 200+ noble prizes in science and medicine and arts given to Jews who make up a fraction of a percent of the worlds population. Compared to Islam and Muslims who are about one third of the worlds population. The major difference? Jews value all human life and Muslims value NO human life. They value women and non-Muslims even lower than that.


But people are easy to make. Between the wives (virtual slaves) and the actual slaves. Muslims have large families because women have NO rights to birth control. Hear that NOW and western feminists? Women under Islam have NO RIGHT AT ALL to birth control. They can’t vote, can’t drive, can’t leave home.


So what have we learned? Islam doesn’t hold life as valuable. They can always make more people. The birth rates are high. Everywhere there are too many people. Too many sons to inherit. Too many daughters to marry off. 


The UN, the USA and a whole bunch of international organizations slop in enough aid to keep hunger and disease away, but not enough to make life livable or worthwhile. Feminists and the western media ignore the plight of women in these places in the world. These people are left poor and it appears to be by design. Design by the west, by the elite of these nations and by their faith.


The wealthy have satellite dishes on which they watch American reality shows and Turkish soaps. It’s not just life in the Middle East. It’s the whole Third World experience found in nearly every Islamic nation. It seems Muslims like poverty and third world life or at least those in power like forcing it upon the general public and claim religious reasons to maintain the poverty.


About the only reliable source of wealth comes out of the ground and the countries that have it are usually too lazy to get it themselves. That’s what the armies of Western engineers are for. They don’t build their own skyscrapers with the oil money. That’s what the disposable Asian workers are for.


Killing is the easiest solution to most problems under Islam. Men kill over honor. Women kill themselves out of desperation. Children grow up torturing animals. Death is easy in Islam. It’s even commanded by it’s Quran and holy men of Islam.


Clerics settle religious questions with murder. It’s just easier that way. Why debate when you can just kill and claim victory. After all defending Islam is a hard position. By contrast it’s so easy to tear it down.


Theological debates are complicated and impossible to defend if you are Muslim, but fly the black flags, seize a village, kill the men and force the women to convert to the “true” faith of the machine gun and the sword and the debate is over. Those women who refuse are enslaved and raped, often gang raped before being sold into slavery.


ISIS is how Islam has been settling questions of theology since the 7th century. Why stop now just because you can order takeout from your cell phone and have it delivered? Westerners are innately fascinated by new technology. For the Middle East, technology is a tool for settling medieval disputes.


> Twitter is just a way of showing off your latest crop of severed heads.

> Facebook is nothing but a propaganda machine.

> Youtube is used to show the world images of the “noble” freedom fighting ISIS.

> The pickup truck substitutes for a camel.


Politicians settle political debates with more murders. Elections are complicated. Democracy is messy. It’s easier for a colonel to take everyone out back and shoot them. And then spend the next twenty years building palaces with his people’s wealth. And the people mostly like it that way too.


The question isn’t why should they kill, it’s why should they stop? The peace proposals never get anywhere. If you reward violence with concessions, there’s no reason for it to ever stop.  And if you don’t, what else is there to do?


When life is worthless, everyone has a gun and a grudge, it’s easier to kill than not to kill. When you are taught as a child murder of non-muslims is right and just. The beating, rape and mistreatment of women is commanded by your god. What chance does life have to gain value? None.


Under crowded conditions, life is cheap but honor is expensive. Fights start over the pettiest things and escalate into relentless violence and endless wars.


In a disposable society, people have no value. Children have no value. Human labor has no value. If you want something done, you force someone to do it. If you can’t have your own slaves, you can control an extended family. You don’t think in terms of what it costs to make something. The only cost that matters is the cost of imports. Everything else is inhumanely cheap.


Emotional reactions always trump rational ones. Everyone feels put upon and slighted from the biggest prince to the lowliest laborer. Everyone is filled with resentments that they channel through the Koran and the mad preaching’s of Islamic clerics promising holy wars and blaming everything on the CIA, the Freemasons, America and the Jews.


Does this sound familiar? Nazi Germany anyone?


When it comes to Islam, you can either play the game or get beheaded on the evening news.


Maybe both.


There’s no morality out here. The men are careful not to look at a donkey or a woman while praying to Allah (The MOON God). But they have no sense of ethics or morals. They will casually kill, steal, rape, break oaths and a commit a hundred other crimes and that’s just before breakfast. All in the name of Allah and Islam.


If you’re not a member of their family, you’re fair game. If you are, you had better know your place and help with the stealing, kidnapping, murdering and assorted economic empowerment projects.


Killing is easy. Self-control is hard. If there’s no accountability, no local big shot that wants infidel tourists and their money and will make the killer’s family suffer, then he has no reason not to beat you, steal from you, rape you or drag you into a home in some slum somewhere and wait for the fabled wealthy infidels to pay him a king’s ransom.


If not he can always cut off your head to raise the price on the next one.


His life is cheap, but yours is even cheaper.


It’s best to understand that we are not dealing with a moral code that looks anything like our own.  The nastier qualities of human nature, deceit, violence and greed, are practically virtues. Especially if they are directed at the right targets.


There’s a reason that Islam was born here. There’s a reason that it still thrives here largely in its unaltered form. There is no civilization, no human worth and no morals where the black flags fly.


Under Islam and that black flag poverty is the rule. That is why the world has never benefited from Islam like it has from Judaism, Christianity, and Freedom. More human advancement has come from the later three in any century than the entire existence of Islam combined.


It’s time for Islam to adapt the value of human life that the people of the book they claim to be an extension of. The Jews value life even in war. Christians value life and fight for the unborn and others unable to speak for themselves.