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Michelle wrote me this in crayon. I thought it was beautiful and heart felt. So I’m sharing it with you.

The rose garden,

I never promised you a rose garden, oh wait yes I did. What we share is a rose garden it’s beautiful but it has thorns and occasionally we get stuck and we bleed.

So what we have together is a rose garden. It’s beautiful occasionally you get stuck on a thorn. I know the pain is temporary, as I know the  beauty is forever.  Have you ever noticed that you can’t kill a rose?

No matter what you do to a rose it always grows back . It returns after fire, drought, it even returns after the harshest winter. I guess that’s why roses are the flower of love. Like love roses return over and over and they bring beauty to the world.

That’s why you are my rose. You bring beauty to my world sure we have some thorns and sometimes pain. But there is always beauty and the beauty returns over and over again .

So it’s true I did promise you a rose garden. I promise you love. I promised it would bloom again and again. I promised you a life filled with returning after pain. And I promise you along the way there would be thorns.

Through it all there is beauty. And the best part is I kept my word. We have our rose garden. You’ve made my life beautiful thorns and all.