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There are people who say dreams mean nothing. I believe otherwise. I can’t place what this dream means but it’s come every night. I have slept every night without nightmares. That alone is a miracle.


Anyway here is my dream. What does it mean? What do you think it means?


In the darkest dreams he comes.

An angel with sad eyes and darkened wings.

A robe shown bright and I can not stare and him save his face.

His eyes are green and sad.

His hair dark, long and wavy.

His smile is blank, neither sad nor joyous.

His flesh is light in color perhaps olive.

His wings like a bird though dark in color.

They appear of feather though I can’t make out individual feathers.


When the hour is late and my darkness approaches.

He comes then and the light from his robes is blinding.

It consumes the darkness, forcing it to obey, to retreat.

He arrives without words but something is familiar.

I feel I should know him.

He stands a moment as if giving my eyes time to adjust.

Then he holds out his hand.

It’s well manicured.


When he does this a peace fills the dream.

Like nothing exists but this moment and I’m free of pain.

I willingly take his hand.

It’s warm, soft and strong as he helps me rise.

Without a word he leads me to a light.

Nothing just him and I and this light.

No space, no walls, nothing familiar.

It’s then he releases my hand and gestures to the light.


I stand before the light.

For how long I do not know.

Where I am I do not know.

I believe it maybe the way to judgment.

But no one waits to bring me home.

I do not enter the light.

I do not know why.


I stand before it and I gaze upon it.

But I do not enter it.

I am not afraid and I don’t know how to describe the feelings.

It feels inviting but wrong.

I don’t know how to say what I feel.

So much confusion and yet simple peace.

From the moment I place my hand in his I feel free.

Free of everything, free of all the evil, free of myself.


When daylight returns to my eyes I feel rested.

But the peace leaves the moment I wake.

My war starts anew.


Here are my simple questions. Perhaps some insight may help me decipher it. Unlike the one who came and made love to me this one had no smell. He seemed to desire nothing of me but to follow. He did not seem eager to greet me. And most of all he has come every night and brought me rest.


The one who made love to me seemed to command the darkness and this one makes it flee at his presence. The one who made love to me seemed to enjoy my desire and this one brings me rest. With the one who made love to me I felt anger and hate still. But with this one I feel only freedom and calm.


Who are the two?

I’m stuck do I go through the light even though something feels wrong?

Where are my ancestors to welcome me home?

Why does the dark angel not speak?

Is he sad because he dislikes his job?

What does it all mean?


I like the feelings this one brings. I like forgetting. I like sleeping. Will he keep coming?


I want him to free me forever. I want to not wake and feel this calm forever. Is that wrong?