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Islams war on Christians

They called this the Second Wave of displacement of Christians by the ISIS. The outcry is loud from the suffering Christians who are weeping and the heart wrenching testimonies are aimed at the United States to send help. We did after all withdraw our troops before the job was finished. No one is to blame for that but the current coward in chief. Here is how and why.

1) He choose for political reason and nothing more to withdraw from Iraq.
2) It was a 100% withdrawal of american forces.
3) He choose to arm the “rebels” against Syria even knowing they were terrorists
4) He choose to let the men walk who now lead the ISIS

No one else but president Obama made these decisions. So let’s not go to it’s bush’s fault. Yup he got us into the war. That was 100% his fault. Every dicission since the current president took office is his own fault though. The four listed above got us to where we are today.

In an all out offensive, Isis advanced into the Kurdish region in which residents of Qaraqosh, Iraq’s biggest Christian town, the Christians were given the same ultimatum as in Mosul; leave, convert to Islam or face death. Is it me or is this becoming a pattern?

Why aren’;t we arming the Kurds (aka. mostly Christian minority of Iraq.) to the gills and training them and backing up their forces with US forces, war planes and everything else they need. Tell them this is a fight or die moment. You can’t run forever.

In addition, the Iraqi Red Crescent confirmed that ISIS created a market for women slaves (Sabaya) to be displayed for sale in the marketplace.

Qaraqosh was the refugee place for many Christians who escaped Mosul. Now Qaraqosh is occupied. Shoebat.com was the first to obtain Middle Eastern sources to show footage from Qaraqosh and see first hand the plight of the Christians there: http://youtu.be/M9_O_zb9J1k

The heart wrenching testimonies are sent to the United States.

At 2:06 into the video the interviewer asks “Are you praying?”

“Yes we prayed in the Church as soon as we arrived to Ein Kawa”.

She couldn’t talk since she was chocked avoiding to cry.

“They posted their banners on our churches and they removed all the crosses” another Christian testifies (See 2:29)

“This is the greatest insult to Christendom and it is happening and no one does anything” (2:57) one Christian pleads, yet another said that “America is the master of all nations, as it entered Iraq, its has responsibility to defend its Christians”. (3:00)

Remember the outcry about respect for religous buildings from Muslims WORLD WIDE? Oh I do. The US scratched one and Muslims world wide jumped up in arms but where are they now? Wait churches aren’t holy because they aren’t Muslim! They (Islam) has zero respect and even less tollerence of any faith other than their own.

A spokesman for the Red Crescent Mohammad Khuzai in a statement by the Red Crescent which Shoebat.com translated:

“Elements of ISIS kidnapped women from the Yezidis and Christian as Sabaya (war booty slaves), and subjected them to be sold.”

Islam sees women as equals? They believe in peace? But yet here they go selling women as slaves AGAIN!

According to eyewitnesses reported by Awsat News, the number of abducted Christian women in the city of Mosul alone reached more than 500 women. He stressed that the beautiful among them were taken to the ISIS princes.

Women aren’t property in Islam is what you hear over and over. HELLO ISLAM OPEN YOUR MOUTHS AND PROVE IT! (Crickets yeah I thought so because you also LIE!) Women in Islam are nothing but property.

Alkhozai revealed that:

“ISIS detained dozens of families at the airport in Tal Afar, Turkmen, Yazidi and Christians after killing all the men.”

The statement issued on Tuesday which got to Agence France-Presse, a copy, that:
“information confirming that “ISIS took women and girls who are being held inside Sinjar and also deported a number of women with their families at the airport in Tal Afar after the killing of the men. The fate of each of these women is unknown.”

Let me tell you their fates. They will be raped, beaten, sold and the cycle will repeat until they die from the rapes and beatings. That is their fate because they are dogs and donkeys. They are cattle to be sold and used. THAT IS ISLAM!

The Ministry emphasizes that any “delay in rescuing the people of Sinjar will double the size of the suffering and contribute to increasing the quality and quantity of violations, which ISIS persist to commit heinous acts of brutality.”

Double and triple and more. We’ve learned of 100s I am sure it’s many times that before we heard of 1.

Alqosh resident Father Gabriel said that when the raids started late on Wednesday night, the Christians and other minority groups ran for their lives with tens of thousands of people heading for the Kurdish area of northern Iraq.

Al-Jazeerah showed footage to the fleeing Christians reporting the around 100,000 Christians fled: http://youtu.be/RjzIeH8SOOU

France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius has called for the United Nations Security Council to hold an emergency meeting over Isis’s advances on Thursday.

Mr Fabius said: “Faced with the seriousness of the situation, France requests an emergency meeting over the situation in Iraq after Islamic State militants seized the country’s largest Christian city.”

France takes the lead and America is Idle as always. After all to our coward in cheif it’s Muslims killing Christians and they aren’t real people anyway.

As Shoebat.com reported this week ISIS’s advances into Sinjar, a major city for Yezidis forcefully taking away a large number of children. The Gulf News reported that Yazidi women were taken for Jihad Nikah (Sex Slaves).

The ISIS also hoisted their black banner over a major Mosul dam on the Tigris River which will give the ISIS the ability to cut off significant water supplies and electricity and since the Kurdish forces had been forced out of the area, Iraq is poised to be flooded throughout by the Islamic Caliphate (ISIS).

In the meanwhile, ISIS issued a propaganda video showing Muslim women pleading to The Caliph, Al-Baghdadi to send reinforcements to Hums, Syria complaining without evidence that they are being raped by Shiites.

Let’s forget about the evil of Islam a moment and just ask do you or don’t you believe women are equal to men in value and life? Do you or don’t you support freedom and stand against slavery? If you answered yes to these then where is your voice to stop this here and now?

~Michelle Styles