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My car wears socks,

Shortly after we graduated high school we both moved back to Florida. Our car still had Maine plates and tags. We both just got accepted to college and our loans were in place. So we decided to go “out on the town” so to speak.

Back then we had some savings (meant for college) and a credit card. So we didn’t have much money at all. So of course our night on the town stared with dinner at the most expensive place we could afford. McDonalds!

We’d been a couple now for three years. Our parents still didn’t know, though her brother Martin had some idea about us. He was the only family who knew or had a clue we might be lovers. We dated a lot back then. Little money and lots of love those were the days. That’s all we had back then. Anyway back to McDonalds.

As usual I would order for Michelle and then myself since must McDonalds employees don’t sign. So I began her order first. Three double cheese burgers (because they are 99 cents), 2 large fries and a large chocolate milkshake. Just as I finished her order she gets a piece of paper from her purse and hands it to the cashier.

That stopped me cold in my tracks. What did it say? He laughed and I grabbed the paper. It said “Now that miss piggy has ordered and before you run out of food I’ll have a double cheeseburger, small fry and a cup of water please.” I needless to say was not amused.

I gave her that GF whap for being a doof. Yeah I’ve always called her a doof. And we got our food. While we were there it began to rain. I love a nice thunder storm. I love thunder and lightning. Gods’ light show has no equal.

Anyway back to the story. When we finished our five star meals we decided to go play some pool. She might have won more games than me but I’ll never admit to it. The pool hall we liked to go to was in Ft. Lauderdale which was 45 minutes to an hour from my campus but they gave free soda all night long.

We snacked on pretzels and soda and played pool till the early morning hours when they threw us out. They let us keep playing I guess it attracted crowds. Why shouldn’t it. Two cute teenaged girls in mini-skirts playing pool. But I digress.

So about 1am we are leaving and it was raining cats and dogs. As we got on the highway and just reached highway speeds the passenger wiper goes flying off. So I pulled over because the wiper arm was now scratching my windshield.

So now we have two girls, alone at 1am on the highway, and in the pouring rain. We tried lifting the wiper arm and that didn’t work. When you turn the wipers back on the arm slammed down again on the windshield. Nothing seemed to work and we began thinking we were going to have to wait the rain out.

Two drowned rats now stand where two eighteen year old girls used to stand. Suddenly I see Michelle’s face light up as she takes off her shoes and socks and ties the socks to the wiper arm. What the hell I thought.

Well it stopped scratching my windshield, and my driver’s side wiper still worked. I could see again and without damaging my windshield. But we were also soaking wet. Needing to dry off I cracked the heat and we took off our shirts, and skirts. We put our shirts and skirts up to the heater vents to dry since we had an hour ride back to my dorm.

Then we continued toward home (my dorm). At least I could see though we were both soaked to the bone now and giggling at the situation.

As we got off the highway and into town I passed a patrolman; who obviously did a double take. Sure enough the lights go on and he turns around. I checked my speed and I wasn’t speeding, didn’t blow the light. What had I done wrong?

Well I was about to find out. I pulled over and the officer came up behind me. When he got to the car I saw him flash the light on the windshield, then walk to the front of the car and check the plate. Then back to the windshield and the plate, back and forth a few times. Then he shook his head and walked back to my window.

Shining the light in and seeing our cloths on the heater vent and two girls now in their underwear he says. “You’re not getting a ticket but what the hell is up with your windshield.” I said “My car likes wearing socks.”

He busted up laughing and said “Well only from Maine I guess.” I heard the guys on the other end of the radio laughing too. One said something about cars from Maine getting cold and wearing socks.

Then I told him the whole story about the wiper blade coming off and us getting soaked. He smiled and said “That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. Just be careful and get that fixed in the morning ok?”

I agreed and we were released to go on our way. Campus police were equally as amused at the car that likes wearing socks. One even came and brought me a new wiper blade in the morning and installed it. Nice guy but I think he was hoping for more than thank you.

I’ve seen this policeman from time to time as I now work in Miami. Whenever he sees me he has to ask if my car still liked wearing socks. I always answer no but it doesn’t mind drying my shirts and skirts. We still laugh today about the whole thing.