Canadian Television,

Shortly before my brother was born Michelle’s family took a trip. They went to Canada and my parents allowed me to go with them. We girls were Six at the time. It was my first plane ride ever! I was so excited and I’d never been to the state of Canada.

Michelle’s mom explained Canada was a different country. During the plane ride I got a geography lesson about countries, and a history lesson about the native people we were going to see. I was fascinated as was Michelle we were above the clouds. It was funny looking down to see clouds for a change.

Typical kids we couldn’t sit still. I remember as we began our decent I saw the ground covered in white. What was that? Michelle’s father told me it was snow which being a Florida native and only six I thought snow was a myth. You know something teachers and parents threaten kids with to make them behave.

I was transfixed and as I looked over the cheeks of Michelle were also pressed against the window. The kids back home will never believe this I thought. Our day wasn’t over yet. Michelle, Angie an I still had a ways to go before we could swim in the hotel pool.

We deplaned and walked to baggage claim. Angie who was nine would turn the double digits on this vacation thought she was all that as she read the signs and we followed her to baggage claim. Once there Michelle signed they lost my bag. I said “Mine to!” Wait there aren’t any bags here! What trick is this anyway?

Michelle’s mom explained they were being unloaded from the plane, would come down these belts here and onto this carousel for us. We stood at the belt first in line! I thought to myself “I’m getting my bag first. Yes!” After what seemed like forever a loud horn sounded and lights began to flash and the carousel started spinning.

HEY! That’s not my bag. Why are they first when I was in line first? Line cutters! Bags kept coming and still mine and Michelle’s was missing. As Michelle’s bag finally slid down the chute it was stuck behind three of four bigger bags. Michelle wasn’t having any of that as she raced onto the moving carousel and up to retrieve her bag.

Being the good friend and wanting to take the ride to I followed her. We scrambled along the carousel until we got to Michelle’s bag. We didn’t notice her father chasing after us around the outside of the carousel. Without a care we hopped from place to place to catch Michelle’s wayward bag. When we finally go to it we realized we’d already gone once around.

“This is fun!”, I thought. Weeeeee. And there is my bag. But before I could reach it Michelle’s father had grabbed us and pulled us off the carousel. Pointing at my bag as I saw this wasn’t funny to him. Maybe we did something wrong?

After forever we got all our bags and then our rental car. Michelle and I rushed for the outside to see real snow but as we hit the door and that arctic blast hit us we made a hasty retreat back inside. There Michelle’s mom already had the winter coats out but would they be enough? I mean is was freezing out there.

When we had on our coats it was time to try again. This time with less exuberance.

It was COLD! But Angie made a snowball and we were amazed. Until se hit me with it. It’s on! I grabbed up a handful and quickly dropped it because it was COLD! Wham I was hit again this time by Michelle. But our fun was broken up before I could get revenge as Michelle’s dad arrived with the van.

After loading our things and piling into the van we were on our way to the hotel. The sun was setting and we wouldn’t get time for the pool tonight. Bummer! When we arrived we checked in and made our way to the room. Our room (the girls room) had 2 beds and a TV which we quickly turned on.

Channel by channel and finally; CARTOONS!!!!! But something was wrong. Where was the button? I finally stormed into the parents room, placed both hands on my hips and matter-a-factly proclaimed “I should have brought my own TV these don’t speak English!” And they laughed…… *Fuming* I yelled, “WHAT’S SO FUNNY!”

When Michelle’s parents picked themselves up off the floor, still red in the face from laughing so hard. They explained people speak french here. My TV would sound the same.


Maybe I’ll post more from this vacation another time.