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It’s about time for us to get-real. Even for just a moment about radical Islam, and why anyone would support those who espouse the false religious dogma.

Everywhere they (They being Islam in charge) go, they leave nothing but destruction and death behind.

They persecute and murder Christians just because they are Christians. Then they whine when anyone opposes their beheadings, bombings, genital mutilation, child brides, punishing rape victims, and degrading and disparaging of women.

Oh, and they want to exterminate all Jews. yeah but no one focuses on that tidbit. Think they will stop there? Nope look at the ISIS and how they moved from one group to the next killing, raping and stealing from them until nothing but Islam remained. While all this was going on each group thought yeah we’re safe it’s just them that Islam wants to kill. Oh and them and them and them and…wait me? You want to kill me now?

By that time sir it’s to dam late. It’s time we call Islam for what it is. Violent and barbaric filled with homophobic, christianphobic, anti-Semitic, hateful zealots!

They have this dumb-ass rule about women having to remain completely covered, not being able to leave their homes without their husbands, not being able to drive, not being able to speak up against their husband and so much more. Women in Islam are slaves to the will of men. They are sold into servitude by their fathers as preteens and oppressed from day one as second class citizens.

Where is the outcry from female leaders? Hillary? Yeah silent I thought so coward! One reason I hope she will never lead our nation. One of many!

You can see it practically everywhere you go – even here in Miami.

I was witness to the practice just recently. It’s summer. It’s hot – 90 plus degrees and 80% humidity. A Muslim man is taking a walk with his son. They are dressed in shorts, and flip-flops. Beside them is who I assume is the man’s wife, covered from head to toe in black. Her headscarf was a Niqab. The only things visible were her eyes.

How completely absurd! The practice of women covering up is supposed to be rooted in some sort of religious “modesty” code or something, that women should only be seen by their husbands. Given the propensity toward violence against women under Islam it’s no wonder they can’t be seen by men. After all in Islamic countries men claim because they saw her ankles they were overcome with passion and just had to rape them.

I call Bullshit! It’s just another way for Muslim men to manifest their power over women who have rights equal to that of dogs that have no rights. It even says in the Quran women are equal to dogs and asses. It further calls them evil and says hell will be filled with women.

And don’t tell me the women don’t mind dressing that way, as the males dress down to practically nothing in the hot summer sun. If they had the “right” to dress anyway they wanted it’s already been demonstrated they would choose not to wear the full body covering and would prefer a more western attire. Look at Iraq and other nations where some freedoms were granted. look at the US as soon as the second generation comes of age they abandon this stupidity quickly.

The Clarion Project reported that the Deputy Prime minister of Turkey Bülent Arınç said that women should refrain from laughing in public because it’s immodest. Arınç, who spoke at an Eid el-Fitr gathering, said, “[The woman] will know what is [forbidden] and not haram. She will not laugh in public. She will not be inviting in her attitudes and will protect her chasteness.”

“Not be inviting in her attitudes”? In other words, women should not be seen or heard. You have nothing at all to contribute. Where is the western media on this? But refuse to pay for a woman’s birth control something she can buy herself and there is a war on women! And yet they remain silent on this? They have a word for that hypocrite!

And are you kidding me? Protect her chasteness? How are they supposed to do that when Muslim fathers are marrying off their pre-teen daughters? I’m still shocked any father could sell his daughter into slavery. Mine would smuggle me out of such a life to freedom and a life of meaning and not slavery.

Who could do that to his child? I’ll tell you who. Someone who sees no value in their female offspring. None! Islam sees women as worthless and I’ve already demonstrated that by pointing to the Quran.

Meanwhile, the “Islamic State” (formerly ISIS), is busily expanding its empire, has captured a Syrian Army base near Raqqa. And what did they do with the captured soldiers? Did they treat them humanely as one would expect Americans or Israelis to do? That would be a big NO! They beheaded them and stuck the severed heads on fence posts around the city. A truly gruesome sight.

A picture is worth a thousand words. You may witness the barbarism for yourself.
FAIR WARNING! It is graphic and gruesome. Here is the Video:

Rockets aimed at Israel are routinely launched from hospitals, mosques, schools and dense population centers Although Israel has been careful to warn the Gaza population before a strike – through leaflets, telephone calls and even text messages – Hamas has forbidden residents to leave buildings that are being targeted. But according to Hollywood and the main stream media, Israelies are the bad guys.

And who does what Israel is forced to do? Who warns the enemy of an impending attack? Answer: NOBODY! But the Israelis are the bad guys? What kind of fucked up world do we live in now? Islam uses women and children as shields. They sacrifice innocent women and children for publicity. They fake numbers and here is an example.

Of the 1100 people killed more than half are men aged 19-30 (military aged men) and tha age group makes up only 20% of the palestinian population. Perhaps some of those “civilians” weren’t civilians after all. Hmmm?

Yet all we ever see are dead innocents – women and children. Wonder why? Here’s why. This from a journalist who just beat a hasty retreat from Gaza: “It’s very simple, we did see Hamas people there launching rockets, they were close to our hotel, but if ever we dared point our camera on them they would simply shoot at us and kill us.”

Frankly, I could continue on for pages citing human/women’s rights violations and atrocities all in the name of Islam. All in the name of the false prophet.

I’m simply tired of these radicals getting a pass, or the press they really deserve. Yes, only a small minority of Muslims are radicals. Or are there? I have propsed it before that Islam at it’s core is radical. Moderate Islam is a myth and the fact we don’t see the outrage from the Muslim community is all the proof I need.

Where is the outrage in our own media? From our womens rights groups? Or for that matter any of the religion hating lefty groups? Answer it’s all a shame. They only feign outrage because it’s politically expediant. They don’t really care or they’d stand up and be counted on issues that matter like these.

Where’s the outrage – like that of the Catholic Priest molestation incidents from years ago. All Catholics were called upon by every member of the press, every leftist group and every politician to condemn what occurred – and rightly so. And Christians and Catholics did stand and be counted and did condemn these acts.

The abortion bombings? Christians worldwide stood and said this isn’t our faith, these people aren’t Christian. They decried and helped stop the violence because they opposed it.

So again – where’s the outrage? Where are these people demanding the same from all Muslims?
They’re hiding under their desks, not wanting to upset CAIR, or ISNA, or maybe they just like their heads firmly attached at the shoulders.

My message to them? Beware because when Islam finishes with the other groups they will come for you next. They always have and always will destroy anything not Islam. You may be last but it won’t spare you the same fate.