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First let me state both TJ and I firmly believe man is affecting the climate and the earth. Michelle believes man pollutes the earth but doesn’t affect the climate. We all three agree we need to do more to protect this rock we call home. That now said here is the story.

Which actually has nothing to do with my stand on Global Climate change as much as my stand against our government gone haywire. A stand for native American nations and their right to self rule as outlined in contracts and peace treaties. it seems we want to break our word as a nation yet again with the Native peoples of this land.

Yesterday I saw a news story that demonstrates the kind of corruption that global warming propaganda can produce. CNS News reported, Here is that report.


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to spend up to $450,000 in taxpayer dollars to teach Native American tribes in the Great Basin region ”climate adaptation plans” for their hunting, fishing and gathering activities.

“Due to climate change, the natural landscapes are becoming impacted,” and the “traditional practices for hunting, fishing, and gathering for ceremonial purposes” can potentially create further impacts,” according to BLM’s Cooperative Agreement announcement.

“It is important to educate those who are engaging in these gathering activities to reduce impacts on public lands. If tribes are able to develop adaptation plans for their gathering activities, they would have a process to follow that could reduce negative impacts on the landscape,” the Request for Applications (RFA) explains.

Fist let me address one HUGE issue. Those same native lands don’t produce carbon which after all is the source of Global climate change according to scientist. How does killing an animal for food, gardening for food and fishing for food produce global climate change? I say go start with these million acre farms with tractors and such.

Second Indian nations are independent nations they are NOT public land. They do not belong to the Untied States of America. Here we have this nation now back stepping yet another treaty. Screw the native Americans yet again, sure why not they aren’t even people.

The applicant “will focus on climate change impacts in the Great Basin region,[and] target tribes from the region to attend,” the grant application stated. “The course is intended for tribal environmental and natural resource professionals who expect to be involved in climate change adaptation planning.”

So we have here a cascading list of people who get free money in the name of climate change. First, the BLM has a new way to spend money. This means they have an excuse to lobby for more money from Congress. Second they are overstepping their mandate and telling private nations what they MUST do.

Then there are the consultants who are supposedly going to help the tribes “adapt” to the climate change. Did these people have lobbyists to help them win contracts? It would be great if we could trust the media to find out.

I have to wonder if any of this money is going directly to the tribes themselves or to key leaders in the tribes? Is this a way of buying support for the climate change story?

Finally one last message on behalf of my wife and every native American. To the US government FUCK OFF AND GET OFF. It’s not your land and it’s not public land.