A Fishy Tale

It was late August 2004 and one of Michelle’s rare weekends off. At the time she was a stripper and a regular on Friday and Saturdays. On the rare occasions she had a weekend off we celebrated together and usually at sea on one of my dads boats.

This weekend started like any other. Friday night dinner with my parents. The typical lecture about being careful from dad. Why? Because two girls alone at sea could be dangerous. We never really took him seriously but this weekend we’d gain a new respect for my dads wisdom.

Friday evening we got to our boat a real nice cabin cruiser with a swimming deck. I loved this boat mostly because of skinny dipping with Michelle off the swimming deck. But also because it had a nice kitchen. I actually like to cook and so does Michelle. She’s not as good as I am but don’t tell her that.

Anyway Friday evening we got out to one of our spots we love to watch the sunset. I don’t remember much of the sunset except how Michelle’s naked body reflected the twilight. We had some wine and watched as we sat naked and the sun laid it’s light to rest and the moon filled the sky. The moon was bright in the sky and almost full.

We had a whole weekend ahead of us but what a way to start it.

On Saturday morning we hadn’t slept that night. It had been a whole week since I’d seen her. I have needs you know! But we managed to get through the day much easier than I can now it seems. She made pancakes I remember that much. We probably had some fruits and milk but I can’t recall.

I remember all day lounging about the boat naked. I remember wine, dancing and lots of holding hands and kissing yeah kissing too. But I’m getting lost in that now pardon me a moment…. OK I’m back. Did I mention there was lots of kissing? Well there was. I think we almost missed lunch except that stomach (or should I say endless pit of food strage) of Michelle’s had to interrupt.

I don’t remember what we ate only that I ate as fast as I could. Michelle ate a lot back then, well I guess she still eats a lot. I just wanted to get to some mid-day fishing. Maybe some more swimming. It didn’t matter I was with her and that made everything alright.

The afternoon was ok, we caught some fish for super. Something I enjoy about the weekends at sea is the fresh fish. We swam, played games and just relaxed and laughed. I remember her laugh so well. Like music to my ears.

It’s something I never knew how much I’d miss it because I never thought it would go away. Lately it has but that’s not part of this story.

Saturday night was fresh fish, salt, peper and some lemon. One of the best ways to eat fish yum. I know it’s sad; here I am with a hot lady who loves me naked and I was eating fish. Well after dinner she signed beat ya to the water. And I couldn’t stay up with her as she leapt from the boat. I remember stopping and gawking in awe at her gracefulness.

We swam and for a change we slept. Yeah I’m a whim and can’t go more than 40 hours or so without sleep. At least some sleep. Sunday morning was a good morning. I woke to a message (wink wink) and Michelle smiling at me. Oh I miss that smile now.

I could see her love for me reflected in her eyes. We relaxed there for hours and hours. Sunday was our day to cuddle all day, snack on fruits, meats (pepperoni/summer sausage), cheeses and veggies and generally enjoy each other. We swam more, cuddled, talked and enjoyed the sun and company.

Sunday evening we decided to lower the swimming deck and enjoy a moonlight swim. It was a full moon. We were both in rare mood we made love on the swimming deck and after we went skinny dipping. After our swimming we were tired so we went to bed.

Sometime about 3am I woke Michelle I heard footsteps. Heavy footsteps on the boat. We each throw on a t-shirt and loaded our pistols. We grabbed the rifle as well and went all commando as we went down the hall. Room to room as we made our way toward the deck from the cabins.

Checking each room and covering the other as we checked them. She would push a door open hard and search the room as I covered the hall and then it was my turn as she covered the hall. When we got to the end by the deck we locked the lower deck and proceeded to hunt for who was on board.

From the ship deck to the captains nest. From the captains nest to the lounging area on the bow. Nothing then THUD THUD THUD. The rear of the boat and we rushed to the rear guns drawn like Marines storming the bad guys. As we got to the back of the boat we saw what was making the noises.

A 300 pound marlin had jumped onto our swimming deck. As we began to relax we looked at each other and busted out into laughter. The two of us now laughing hysterically until THUD THUD THUD. The fish was thrashing around and we realized what we had to do. We raised the swimming deck and pulled this huge fish into the boat and headed for shore.

Somehow we forgot to raise the swim deck that night. I called my dad and told him we caught a huge ass fish on the swim deck. He told me to stop telling fishing stories but he agreed to meet us at the docks with ice, a big knife and a cooler.

When we got to the docks my dads eyes bugged out. He couldn’t believe we caught a Marlin with a swimming deck. As we cut up the fish he was laughing as we told him of his brave daughters storming the beach ready for a fight only to discover this dangerous fish and our narrow escape from death. After all the Marlin came with his sword and loud thuds.

To bad he came to a gun fight with only a sword. But he tasted real good. We got so many meals from that Marlin. It was incredible, frightening, intense, hilarious and awesome all rolled into one evening. A special weekend indeed and I bet unique in so many ways.

My dad couldn’t believe the size of this fish and said I had to be the luckiest fisherman ever since fish just give themselves up to me. I said yup he jumped right into our boat and scared us nearly to death.

And now you know our fishy tale and one of the funniest nights we’ve ever had. After all how often is it two girls catch a 300 pound fish wearing only a t-shirt and without fishing poles.