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“They did this so that women like me – a white Western woman – could attend school and university; ”

Actually school for all children was a native american concept adopted by the settlers in america. All children boys and girls, rich and poor attended school long before feminism. Many women attended colleges even centuries before femenism but then like today they were the ones who could “afford” it.

“to learn to read, write, and think critically; to gain a degree; ”

Already covered this above. Even today if you can’t afford it you can;t get it. So today like 100 years ago the issue is cost not sex.

“to get a job and be paid an equal salary to a man in the same position; ”

Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Everything in accepting a job is negotiation is key to your salary I find most women are shy or quiet and just accept what is offered. I and my GF both said no to the first offer and countered. We both make considerably more because of it. She got an extra weeks vacation and 15,000 dollars as well as a performance bonus. Me I got more flexible hours and 5,000 more money.

“and to sit here with my own computer and type all of this.”

Women in the west have always been able to own property. Only in stone aged cultures like you named can men oppress women like that. Think about it in Afghanistan they shot a girl in the face for demanding an education. Everywhere you see a true war on women it is in a Muslim dominated area.

Here in the west I find I have more rights than a man. Think about it this way. if I hit a man the police come and admonish him for being a wimp. If I look at a guy at work and say looking good sexy he can’t get me fired for “sexual harassment” and probably wouldn’t go to HR he’d take the compliment. In a divorce I would get the kids, child support and alimony almost by default.

The guys think of me and Michelle as pretty cool because they can say damn blue is certainly your color, ot that sweater looks great on you, or that hair color really brings out your eyes and we don’t get offended.

Now was there a need for feminism? Yeah there still is but feminists today have lost sight of the real war. At one point we needed to show we are equal in all respects. That war is done here and it’s time to turn our eyes to help the oppressed. We also need to teach our daughters speak up for yourself because no one else will or should have to.

Teach them to negotiate and speak up. Simple solution to the “wage gap”.

What do all these have in common?

Muslim men doing violence against women.


She says “I am not a feminist as today modern feminism is more about basing men than fighting for women’s rights. No I am a warrior and proud to be part of Naked Jihad/”

She’s right modern (western) feminists are more concerned about free birth control which they view as a right. They are more concerned about political ideology than real womens suffrage.

See her post here: https://aghostdancer.wordpress.com/2014/04/16/why-i-am-not-a-feminist-i-am-a-freedom-fighter/

Good post but feminists of today are on the wrong path and that is why I too and not a feminist I am a freedom fighter.

Femenism is dead because the women who started it and people like NOW who propogate it have fallen off the deep end.

And comments like this kill it.
“feminism is still very much needed in the west (white independent female citizens category included) because your countries have laws like this:http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/jul/29/criminalising-pregnant-women-dystopia-freedom?CMP=fb_gu . the hobby lobby tragedy was not too long ago too.”

Birth control is NOT A RIGHT! Learn to pay your own way. Do you see men begging for us to pay for their condoms? Their erection meds? Their hair lose treatments? Answer NO. Why? Because it’s not a right and NO ONE has denied you anything. Don’t like hobby lobby or benefits offered at an employer? Work some place else. Damn that was simple.

Sarah/Michelle Freedom Fighters for real rights. Equality in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Anything else is not a right it’s a want. Learn the difference!


Imagine this:

The year is 2014. You are a white Western woman. You wake up in the morning in a comfortably sized house or flat. You have a full or part-time job that enables you to pay your rent or mortgage. You have been to school and maybe even college or university as well. You can read and write and count. You own a car or have a driver’s licence. You have enough money in your own bank account to feed and clothe yourself. You have access to the Internet. You can vote. You have a boyfriend or girlfriend of your choosing, who you can also marry if you want to, and raise a family with. You walk down the street wearing whatever you feel like wearing. You can go to bars and clubs and sleep with whomever you want.

Your world is full of freedom and possibility.

Then you…

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