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Today’s post will be a little short but it will wrap up part 1 nicely. All this comes from extensive study and reading of the Holy Bible (several versions), The Torah, The Talmud, and The Quran. It comes from speaking with people who know and live the faiths or have known and lived the faiths. It comes from a place of knowledge and respect for the truth. I hope it’s taken in that fashion as simple truth.

The Catholics and most Protestants have blasphemed this Name by changing it to “Jehovah” which translated “God is perverse” by mutilating it (as described above). There is even a whole church called the “Jehovah’s Witnesses” which uses this disgusting name. The Bible teaches from cover to cover that the true Name of God, Yahweh, is essential to salvation. It is mentioned right at the beginning of the Bible and is used throughout.

Yahweh is the creator “who made the earth and the heavens” (Gen.2:4).

One thing most Muslims and Christians are ignorant of is that the Name of the True God appears within the Name of Jesus. Most Christians are rather embarrassed to learn that “Jesus” isn’t the real Name of Christ at all. If you had asked someone in New Testament times who “Jesus” was, nobody would have known. If you had asked Mary (Miryam) is she had a son called “Jesus” she would have stared at you blankly. The son of Mary was not called “Jesus” but Yah’shua.

Jesus is a Greek word. The letter “J” doesn’t even exist in Hebrew. Yet the angel Gabriel told Mary/Miriyam that the Messiah’s Name, which was given by Almighty God Himself, was of special significance. It has a precise meaning of prophetic importance. Gabriel said that He would receive this Name because “He shall save His people from their sins”. Every Hebrew scholar will tell you that the Name given through Gabriel was Y’SHUA or YAH’SHUA. Literally translated this means, “YAH saves” – and you should remember from part 1 that Yah is a contraction of Yahweh.

You see, God’s true Name was even preserved in the Name of the Messiah because it is YAH / Yahweh – who saves. The Name of “Jesus” was “YAHWEH SAVES”.

The Scriptures are therefore consistent not only in preserving the true Name of God, Yahweh, throughout, but in placing the Sacred Name in the Messiah as well. This is no accident and is of immense prophetic significance.

There are now millions of believers who now no longer use the perverse name “Jehovah” and who use the correct name of Jesus, Yah’shua, in order to be true to the Scriptures. Christians have been guilty of obscuring the truth by adopting perverted or Hellenised Names of Deity.

What has this to do with our discussion of Allah? The reason I have spent so much time underscoring the Biblical Name of God is to show clearly and finally that it has been known as Yahweh since the beginning of time. More than 4,000 years of the Herbrew calendar Yahweh has been the only name of God.

Even in Lakota his “Name” is Iye Tuwe opi’ic’iye (He who exists). It refers to a self existents and recognizes his sole name. It would be rarely spoken as a child rarely calls her father by his name. We normally call him tunkasila (The great spirit). This is similar to Adonai for the Hebrews. It means the one god, the great spirit who has always been.

It shows reverence for his eternal nature. I call him niyate ki (Father) because he is personal to me and is my heavenly father deserving of my admiration and love. The names mean the same and have existed for thousands of years.

And whilst there are certain superficial similarities in sound to the Arabic “Allah” the meaning and historical origin is quite, quite different.

Unlike Lakota, Hebrew and English where god is named the one who always exists. Arabic is not the same. The word “Allah” comes from the compound Arabic word, al-ilah. Al is the definite article “the” and ilah is an Arabic word for “god”, i.e. the god.

We see immediately that:
. (a) this is not a proper name but a generic name rather like the Hebrew El (which as we have seen was used of any deity
. (b) that Allah is not a foreign word (as it would have been if it had been borrowed from the Hebrew Bible) but a purely Arabic one.

It would also be wrong to compare “Allah” with the Hebrew or Greek for God (El and Theos, respectively), because “Allah” is purely an Arabic term used exclusively in reference to an Arabic deity. Arabic changes the meaning of Gods name which is unlike Lakota, Greek, Hebrew where the word for the name changes the meaning does not.

The Encyclopedia of Religion says: “‘Allah’ is a pre-Islamic name … corresponding to the Baylonian Bel” (ed. James Hastings, Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark, 1908, I:326).

So this was a short one today. In the next articular we will cover the origin of the name Allah and it’s actual roots.