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When I began a serious study of Islam in college, I had the privilege of being tutored by Arab ex-Muslims who had been born into Islam. Two of them have converted to Christianity, and one was an atheist, and it was an eye-opening experience to say the least. As like many ignorant people, I had always considered Islam as just another benign religion. Since then I have been trying to pass on the information so that America will not go down the road of Europe in submission to Islam.

Now the so-called “Moderate Muslims” are protesting the 9/11 Museum because of the film “The Rise of Al Qaeda.” I call them so-called for reasons I will define below.

“An interfaith group is protesting a film called, ‘The Rise of Al Qaeda,’ that will be shown at the National September 11 Memorial Museum when it opens next month.

First off it’s NOT an interfaith group. It is a complete group of entirely Muslim members. To be interfaith it would need Christians, Jews, Buddhists, ect..

“The advisory group is concerned that the seven-minute film will leave visitors with a prejudiced view of Islam. In it, the 9/11 terrorists are referred to as Islamists and it uses the term jihad. The group wants Islamists amended to ‘radical Islamists’ or ‘Al Qaeda-inspired terrorism.’”

They are referred to as Islamist? Wait aren’t they Islamists? Were they not Muslim and of Islam? Were the not extremists attacking innocent civilian targets in the name of Islam and Allah? The answer of course is yes they were. They were Muslim, their faith was Islam, and they attacked innocent civilians in the name of Allah and Islam. They were by definition then Islamist.

Here’s what Sheik Mostafa Elazabawy, the imam of Masjid Manhattan, had to say on the issue.

“The screening of this film in its present state would greatly offend our local Muslim believers as well as any foreign Muslim visitor to the museum.”

Offend Muslims? The same people who celebrated and refused to condemn the attack on the U,S. on September 11, 2001. Now they feign insult in the truth. Man I wish any other faith could do such a flip and be taken even half way seriously. So it’s ok to offend Christians and Jews but oh let’s not offend a Muslim.

Here is my answer to that “Then stay away. See you have a right in America (something you don’t under Sharia law) to free speech. You have a right to your own religion (Again something you don’t under Sharia law). But you don’t have a right to NOT be offended. Especially by the truth.

Now I would be more sympathetic to his protest and protests by other self-identified moderate Muslims if they could protest and act to stop what their fellow-Muslims are doing to Christians in the name of Islam. I understand the argument that just because someone from a particular religion does something does not mean that all people in that religion should be identified with that person and his or her actions.

But let’s contrast. The abortion clinic bombings here in America were decried by Christians, Catholics and Jews. The people who did these were immediately turned over by these same groups if they learned the identity of them. So while a few worked in the name of “the Christian God” to blow up abortion clinics and kill innocent people. The VAST majority of Christians stood up and declared those actions wrong. In churches across the land the message of peace and condemnation of these actions and individuals was preached. On television the leaders of the Christian faith called for an end to the violence and death and condemned those who would hide like cowards behind the Christian name to commit clearly anti-Christian acts of terror.

They made the REAL Christian voice and heart known by refusing to allow “a few radical members” to define and defile the true nature of Christian faith. Can you now see the difference? Ok let me spell it out. When a Christian uses his faith to commit acts of terror he/she is immediately condemned, his/her actions are condemned and the Christian community begins working to stop it. The same is far from true of Islam.

Islam has not condemned a single act of violence against Christians even unarmed Christians. They haven’t decried the actions of destroying Christian houses of worship and kidnapping, raping and force converting Christian girls. They have not decried a single act of terror to date.

These same Muslims will cry fowl when a Mosque is even sneezed toward. They will cry fowl when to tell the truth about Islam. They will demand you respect their God and not respect yours with equal vigor. They will feign a sudden and insincere outrage.

Now I would have more sympathy for such an argument if Sheik Mostafa Elazabawy and a contingent of his moderate Muslims would travel to Sudan and help “Mariam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, a 27-year-old pregnant mother, who has been sentenced to death for ‘apostasy’ for marrying a Christian, despite being raised a Christian, just because her father was Muslim.”

“Rejecting appeals for clemency by Western human rights activists, a judge in Sudan sentenced a 27-year old pregnant Christian mother to death ‘for apostasy.’ Judge Abbas Mohammed Al-Khalifa said that she brought the punishment of death upon herself: “We gave you three days to recant but you insist on not returning to Islam.”

In addition to her death sentence, “Judge Khalifa ordered the woman to be beaten with 100 lashes of the whip before being hung for ‘adultery.'”

100 lashes because her father was a Muslim and she was raised Christian and there for IS Christian. Death for the -same- reason. The further outrage is her children will not be given to her husband to raise, nor her family because they are Christian. No they will be given to Muslims to raise as Muslims. Freedom of religion anyone?

According to our president “Islam embodied a religion of peace, fairness and tolerance. People lie in the name of Islam here in America they teach in college courses of Islams tolerance of other peoples faiths and how Islam lives in peace with other faiths. Yet evidence by actions from throughout the world this is categorically false. It’s a bold faced lie but the Quran tells Muslims it is ok to lie to the infidel.

The real war of Christians, the real war on Jews, the real war on women is being fought under our noses and in plain sight. The same Muslims who decry the truth point in another direction when you directly challenge them on matters like these. They will claim “that isn’t Islam” but will do nothing to correct the alleged defaming and perversion of Islam. Why you might ask? Because that IS Islam.

Muslims throughout the world are killing Christians, marrying underage girls, and kidnapping Christian girls and forcing them to become Muslims. never mind their blood lust for the death of Jews and for no other reason than because they are Jews. They are after all just doing what the child molesting, pedophile, wife beating, woman hating, war hungry prophet did.

These self-professed moderate Muslims should be protesting these atrocities, Not just with words but with decisive and immediate action! They need to go to the Sudan, Egypt and other parts of Africa. Go to Iran, Iraq, Syria and other parts of the middle east. Got to Pakistan and India where Muslims are killing Christians. Go to Europe where Muslims are committing rape and murder.

Gather all the moderate Muslims and stop the insanity. Until they do this, I’m not interested in their protestations and feigned slights. If the radical Islamists who are misrepresenting Islam are few in number, then maybe 100 million or 300 million moderate Muslims can put an end to their flagrant misdeeds.

After all 100 million Muslims travel to Mecca every year. What kind of statement would they make if the descended on these nations where Islam is radical and made an effort to change those who supposedly hijack Islam. After all if they are concerned (truly concerned) about separating the “real Islam” from radical Islam wouldn’t they be doing something more about it in places where Islam rules the land?

Ask yourself wouldn’t you take him more seriously if he was acting to affect change in Islam itself as it is practiced in the world of Sharia law and Islamism? I know for myself I’d be more likely to take him seriously if he distanced himself and Islam from thos radicals in nations with Sharia law and stood tall representing Islam as peaceful by condemning attacks on Christians and Jews world wide.

Now I’ll admit there is a lot of anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States because of so much that we see and hear about what has been done in the name of Allah, But it has not resulted in violence or discrimination against any Muslim. Much of this sentiment could have been squashed if after 9/11 the so called moderate Muslims stood up and lead the charge against those who would blaspheme Allah with violence against innocent people. After all they claim Islam is the religion of peace but aren’t speaking out against those who break the peace and hatred taught to children in the name of Allah and Islam.

After all the outcry after Americans killed a terrorist in a masque was loud and world wide. If they believe so much in protecting life where were the cries when 100s of Christians were murdered in a church by their Muslim brothers? Not a single word was spoken about that. Muslims care ONLY about Muslims, Muslims care ONLY about Islam and all else and everyone else deserves what they get. All other people non-Muslim in the eyes of Islam are NOT people.

Megyn Kelley of fox news spoke to Jonathan Tobin, the senior online editor for Commentary Magazine, Megyn who said that “the controversy is really about a desire to absolve Islam from any connection Al Qaeda.”

Tobin went on to say:
“We’ve been hearing since 9/11 that America is in the midst of a backlash against American Muslims as a result of 9/11. This is a myth. There’s never been any study, not any credible study that shows that there was any wave of discrimination or any increase in religion-based attacks against Muslims.”

Outrage against the film is a smokescreen to divert attention away from the radical nature of Islam around the world and its long-term goal of forcing people to submit to the will of Allah.

I’ve had former Muslims tell me that most of those so called peaceful muslims support Muslim terrorist the way Christians support missionaries. They won’t do the acts themselves but fully support those who do! That’s why those “peaceful muslims” never condemn terrorist attacks.

I conclude then that myth #1 about Islam is: There is no such thing as a ”moderate” Muslim. It is a concept alien to Islamic thought. Allah even says so. Although there are people who call themselves ”moderate”, they are disobedient to the Quran (for not waging jihad) and Allah says that they are NOT Muslims, but hypocrites, worthy of eternity in Hell.

What’s the difference between a moderate Muslim and a radical Muslim? Their distance from the bomb!

Myth #2: Islam is not a radical religion. In reality and not myth plain old ordinary Islam IS radical and has been for 14 centuries.

Myth #3: Islam lives in peace with others. In reality Muslims the world over are killing Christians, marrying underage girls, and kidnapping Christian girls and forcing them to become Muslims …..because………. they are obediently following in the footsteps of their exemplar, Muhammed (the Perfect Man), who also committed the same shameful, criminal acts. (Quran 33:21, 48:29)

I could go on and on but enough for now. Please stop hiding and being two faced. if you are at all appalled by Islam being associated with Jihad and terrorist and war and death then stand up and do something. If it is true that the radicals are very few then the very many should take their faith back. If Islam is the religion of peace then stop teaching hatred to your children, stop the wars, stop the forced conversions. Show the world you are the religion of peace.

That won’t happen because Islam IS exactly what they show. They are violent, evil and ugly. they are a blight on humanity stuck in the 3rd century. They are violent, cruel and are waging the real wars on Christians, Jews and women.

Your silence and inaction tells me and those who can see the truth of your Muslim faith and God.