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Sarah here..

I think Michelle is talking about death here. Kind of an erotic way to think of death. I have some concerns it is a real demon (is that possible demons manifesting in such a real way?) she is mistaking for death. I don’t know what I think I guess it’s just unsettling.

I mean I know God and Satan are real so demons must be. But can they come to earth and interact like that? What does it mean if a demon has an orgasm on your stomach?

Maybe it’s just Michelle describing death. I am truly unsettled and concerned. Below are her words.


“It comes, it’s touch familiar as it caresses my body. It’s face shrouded in hollow empty abyss. It’s cold fingers cause my back to arch and I long for his embrace. I’ve felt his touch before though he has yet to enter me. I’ve invited him here and he comes. He has to date denied me the full measure and pleasure of his embrace.

I give myself over to his will and he has not taken me. How I long for final penetration as he consumes my body and impales my soul. I feel his breath like ice upon my neck and my body trembles with delight. My legs around his waist I beg him to take me. I feel him he is hard and he wants to but it’s not the time yet.

I feel it rest upon my stomach his hands tremble I know he wants me. He presses close and feels my dampness against him and he kisses my neck. I feel his teeth upon my flesh as I wiggle hoping to get him inside me. Hoping he will finally take me for the first and last time.

I grow tired of being left behind. I want him to take me so bad my entire body invites him to enter. His right hand slides under my back lifting me to him, teasing me with the pleasure I seek. I feel his other upon my check and he trembles at the thought.

I see his eyes gold yellow beneath hollow mask. I hear his groan and feel his breath upon me. For the first time I speak to him please was all I could muster. I wanted to say take me, take me far from here, take me away this night. He knew and his lips kissed my scar and I saw the compassion in his eyes.

I felt him as he slid a few times along my dampness but he did not enter. I felt him quiver and throb and I felt his love on my stomach. A feeling I’ve known before but denied the final pleasure. I feel as he softens and retreats leaving only a memory and a moment.

He did not take me this night but perhaps soon he shall return and take me with him. Perhaps he shall impale me and set me on the path to life without pain. Someday soon I shall know his love. I will feel him inside me and he will set me free.