From Sarah,

Her mind and ability to recall have always amazed me. Below is what she wrote from that same mind. Moments of genius and a glimmer of hope. Dashed with a hard head and force of will fighting in the wrong current direction.

Believe it or not she wants to see change and she likes most of the green movement toward renewable fuels, and less pollution. But this piece serves no purpose in her treatment or in getting better. I’ll post it anyway.

Now on to Michelle’s post………..

From a speech on June 18th 2014, to the League of Conservation Voters, an environmental activist organization.

President Barack Obama said: “Republicans have ducked the question and said, hey, I’m not a scientist, which really translates into, I accept that man-made climate change is real, and if I say so I will be run out of town by a bunch of fringe elements, so I am just going to pretend like – I don’t know – I can’t read.”

This has been bugging me for some time and I hadn’t been able to put a finger on it. But here goes I got the pulse now.

Mr. president I say to you “yes we can.” Just because we disagree on the subject doesn’t mean you’re right. When a republican says I’m not a scientist he is being honest. Anything less than honest he’d be crucified in the lame stream media. So here goes some of what I’ve read.

We can read that America’s National Snow and Ice Data Center, which is funded by NASA, revealed that ice around the southern continent (a.k.a. Antarctica) covers about 16,000,000 km², more than 2.1 million more than is usual for this time of year. Further we read the south pole is increasing in ice pack not decreasing as your models suggest.

But global warming is real right?

We can read. And I’ve read that government scientists have falsified some of the world’s most often cited climate records by replacing actual temperature readings in the United States, Iceland and Australia with hypothetical numbers derived from computer your models. It has been revealed that as much as 40% of temperature data presented in favor of global warming are not even real thermometer readings. They are simply computer generated fiction.

Real scientist like “Principia Scientific” broke some of this story when they reported “New climate rigging data rocks U.S. government” and other organizations of real scientists have concluded the same. Those sir ARE real scientist with no government money telling them what is expected in accepting the grant money. All we need to do is read. We don’t need to be scientists when we have scientists who know how to write. (Most do sir).

The result has been a distorted view of temperature trends, according to Real Science and others, who first assembled the evidence. Your government paid scientists changed a steady temperature decline into an ominous looking warming. The measured USHCN (United States Historical Climatology Network) daily temperature data shows a decline in US temperatures since the 1930s. But before they released it to the public, they put it through a series of computer adjustments which magically changed it from a cooling trend to a warming trend.

In his speech, Obama just ignored the new evidence, the “inconvenient truth,” that American scientists have been altering climate data for years. And why? Because government grants are only awarded to those who agree with the scam. Climate change is real and thet big solar reactor in the sky causes it.

We humans cause pollution yes we do. But We affect the temperature of the world? No we don’t sir. Can we do more to protect our world? Yes we can. Should we do more? Yes we should. Should we submit to your radical and shaky policies that are all about control and not about affecting real change in human waste? No sir we shouldn’t.

What else can we read, Mr. President?

We can read about the nut jobs who are touting the decline in Arctic sea ice and at the same time refuse to discuss the long-term increase in the southern hemisphere. In fact, across the globe, there is quite a bit more sea ice than 35 years ago, which is when satellite measurements began.

But sure the world is getting warmer. Riiight. You sir are no scientist, but you play one in the oval office.

We can read that North Pole temperatures have been below normal every day of the summer thus far. So how is all this ice melting?

That has to be it, right? Um…no I don’t think so. But sir there’s more. Lots more so sit back and let me educate you. I’ll help you understand all I’ve read on the subject or as much as I have time for.

We can read that an American “climate scientist” was quietly forced into retirement after falsifying data to show polar bears were drowning because of melting sea ice. How the polar bears are dying off even while the truth is their numbers climbed every year and no more that normal average drowned in the years these claims were made.

We can read that a bunch of leftist activists and lawyers, not scientists, from the NRDC, the National Resources Defense Council, wrote your “Climate Action Plan,” proving yet again that the “climate science” of the left has nothing at all to do with “science.”

So at least the republicans are honest and say “I’m no scientist” but the guys who work for you will gladly pretend to be for the right price.

We can read from the New York Times (far from a radical right wing news organization), that under the “Climate Action Plan,” the EPA “could do far more than just shut down coal plants; it could spur a transformation of the nation’s energy sector.”

Yikes! Yes, the EPA could transform us from a Superpower to No Power.

But there is more far more than that.

can read about your 97% consensus of scientists that you claim support global warming. When you break down the math the number is far from 97%. I’ll do it for you now. First of the scientists invited to participate only 79 scientist agreed. Of the scientists who were asked to participate. 66% said your theory was flat wrong and they were dropped from the study about AGW and mans involvement.

Of the remaining only 79 who agreed with AGW choose to participate. Of those 79 a whooping 76 believed in man made warming which is 96.2 percent rounded up to 97%. But wait what happened to the 66% who said it was BS? So 97% of scientists who believe in global warming believe man is causing it. So by your numbers 200% disagreed with global warming and mans involvement flat out.

This has been widely publicized and ignored by you. The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times have all ran pieces on your fake 97% consensus and the boogus way you got to that number.

Wait there is more.

From 2007 NASA and National Geographic published about Martian polar caps melting in a similar fashion to earths. But the problem is there are no humans on Mars. It must be that one Martian rover we sent up right? Of could it be THAT BIG FUSION REACTOR IN THE SKY? Yeah look up that yellow thing is a big ball of fire. It produces heat.

There is lots more Mr. president but your flat earth mentality wouldn’t understand it. You go on pretending to be a scientist and mean while real scientists will continue to debunk you.

So you see Mr. President- some of us can read about all the deals you made with leftist climate groups, about all the falsified data and all the lies you, and they, have been covering up or glossing over to advance your stated goal of transforming this country. We can read what real scientist write and how your administration lies and distorts even what your hack scientist publish. We can read how you force and bully anyone who disagrees with you.

So no sir I don’t need to be a scientist to know your science is frankly full of shit.