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I’ve covered the disgusting practices of Muslim jihadists and sharia law on my blog before.

From the evil murdering of innocent civilians, the systematic rape of women, to the barbaric pillaging of Christian villages, to forced conversions, to the rationalization that gay anal sex (yep) is okay if done in the name of jihad. The Fatwas keep coming and the Muslim populace remains as usual silent. 

These same who remain silent are the first to demand you apologize for speaking the truth about Islam. They demand retractions, demand you stop spreading “lies” and yet they aren’t lies. They are practices that are by the silence of the majority of Muslims acceptable and normal.

Remember when Muslim religious leaders were issuing statements telling the Islamic world that Muslim fighters in Syria were allowed to rape whoever they wanted because of the hardships they were facing in battle? The Syrian people had to turn over their daughters for rape or face being killed for resisting the will of GOD! Yes you heard me Allahs will is that women be raped. This from their own clerics.

Well, now once again, we see the insatiable (and evil) appetites of Islamic militants as they demand Iraqi families provide their daughters for illicit sex. Terrorists fighting in Iraq are demanding a similar dispensation for themselves that fighters in Syria received. Apparently they feel like the hardships they are suffering in their fight for terror is too tough, and they should get to rape people so they feel better.

Only now are Iraqi women speaking out. They and Syrian women are saying enough is enough. But it’s to late for them now. Why? Because terrorists are now in control of many Iraqi cities. In these cities girls as young as NINE are being raped and often gang raped by Islamic freedom fighters.

This is Islam folks. This IS the face of Islam past and present. They silent majority have given you the nod of their approval in their silence. IF they actually were offended that these men acted in the name of Allah by these actions. They would send death threats to these same “freedom fighters”. They would demand they stop blaspheming Allah. But they are silent.

Think about it if a cartoonist who draws a picture of Allah can receive dozens of death threats and be forced into hiding what do you think would happen to these men committing evil in the name of Allah? Since no death threats, no demands they stop, no cry from Islam anywhere in the world. These must be the actions of TRUE MUSLIMS.

ISIS fighters have told families in Iraq to hand over their daughters for sex, saying that the women must sleep with militants in order to cleanse themselves. Because lord knows that NINE year old virgin is dirty! 

According to the Mirror, leaflets in the captured cities of Mosul and Tikrit claim the women – virgins or not – must join jihad, or Holy war, and cleanse themselves by sleeping with militants. Virgin or not and remember girls as young as NINE are considered legal for sex in Islam after all the pedophile Mohammed did it.

Last year, a Saudi-based cleric issued a fatwa allowing jihadists to rape women in Syria. It’s worse if you aren’t Muslim by the way. Non-Muslim girls are brutally beaten and gang raped repeatedly. Severely cases in Syria the girls were raped until dead by as many as 500 men! FIVE HUNDRED MEN! Yes you heard that right. Christian girls have been raped until dead in Syria and many as young as eight or nine.

The practice is now happening in Iraq. Still the Muslim world is silent. I say again this is because they condon such actions. They support these rapes and murders else they would rise up and stop it.

The militants have warned that those who refused to abide by the fatwa were violating God’s will, and would be beaten and killed after being raped “in a most unpleasant manner”. What they mean is mass gang rape. Of course anyone who has been raped knows it is NEVER pleasant.

Are you starting to get it? 

Are we all starting to realize that the Islam of the people leading in the Middle East is barbaric and disgusting?

They are claiming that because they are murdering innocent Shiite Muslims and the Iraqi government forces, they should get to rape innocent women too. 

What twisted religion teaches something like that? 

What kind of backward people claim God gives them the right to murder and rape?

What kind of backward religion claims in the name of God the right to treat women so poorly?

What kind of grotesque culture allows it?

The answer to all these questions and more is “Modern day Islam.”

We could call them extremists, but the extremists are starting to outnumber the moderates, aren’t they? We see examples of this extremism in England, France, Germany, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Malaysia, India and Pakistan… where are the moderates? The moderates don’t seem to be in charge anywhere, do they?

The “moderates” remain silent and their religion is being shown for what it truly is. A barbaric, backward, evil, false religion and a reason to commit evil upon this earth.

Wake up America. This IS the Islam that is spreading. This IS the Islam that reaches for our shores. This IS YOUR future unless we stand now while they don’t have the power to do this same thing here! There IS NO moderate Islam, there is only THIS Islam. There is only what you see and what the so called moderate Muslims remain silent for because this is what they also believe.

~Michelle Styles