Ok more questions

I recieved several sexual questions I choose to not answer most. I reworded a few so they were more …. acceptable.

How big are your boobs? 34D

Do you shave down there or let it grow? Because i was a stripper I had it lazered off.

Whats your favorite position? (Guy) Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl (Girl) Scisor or 69
Why? (guy) Because I am a control freak.. I like being in control of things and it helps me when I’m with a guy but to be as tense and nervous. (girl) Cause it’s hot and feels good duh!

Have you made out with a girl b4? Duh! I think I’ve done a lot more than that.

Are you still a Virgin? Nope

Do you own sexy clothing? I make everything sexy! But yes I do.

Do you pee in the shower? No

Do you masturbate? Doesn’t everyone?

Do you fart when you pee in the morning? Ummm wow wierd question I’m not a guy so no

Do you pick your nose? No

How much do you weigh? About 118 lbs. I fluxuate between 112-121 but 118 is kind of an average.

Have you ever stuffed your bra? No

Have you ever farted in front of a guy you like? Yes most likely I have a time or two in thirty years on this earth. Have you?

Have you ever had anal for an hour straight? You can’t last that long anyway so why would you care? Maybe you should have asked have you ever had anal for more than two minutes. 😛

Enough sex questions now I think those are all the ones I will answer. I recieved several I choose simply not to answer though this one was creative.

Your lover has been magically transformed into an animal, and the only way to restore your lover is to mate with them. Here’s the question: Which animal would cause you the least psychological damage?

Now some nonsexual sex questions.

Would you think it was a turn-on if your bf/gf wanted to watch Disney movies with you? Yes I love Disney movies. Anything he AND she does with me is a turn on. Considering most guys seem to not like Disney movies because they are babyish and that means they are willing to do this just for me. YES that’s a turn on.

Would you ever cheat on your bf/gf? No (So you’re out of luck eh?)

Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing underwear? We stayed at Hedonism resort and I went the entire ten days naked so I guess yes I have.

If you could be born again would you choose a different sex? No because then I’d never know the joy of being a mother. Besides girls rock!

When did you stop bathing with your sibling(s)? Well does bathing in the pond count? If so then about 10.

Who has the biggest balls you ever seen? The gym. They have medicine balls!

Have you ever had a one night stand? When I was stripping yes. Since I quite stripping no.

Have you ever skinny dipped? Still do.

What’s the stupidest thing you ever did on a dare? Walked from the college dorm to the campus police naked. They arrested me for public nudity. Ouch!

What’s the worst thing about being a girl? Periods because they are messy?

What’s the best thing about being a girl? Duh look at me!

What is the strangest thing a guy did to try and impress you? He dropped his pants on the beach and sang I’m a little tea pot.

~Michelle Styles