Sarah’s update June 18.

She is half joking this morning. We have since learned a few important things and TJ and I will be more vigilant.

1) She was off her meds for at least a week.
2) She had been cycling (extreme high to extreme low) relatively quickly like in a single day.
3) The last two days she cycled as many as six or eight times in 48 hours.

Why are these important. The psychiatrist says:

“These cycles make the drop worse or seem worse. The faster the cycle the more illusion of control Michelle would feel. She would think see I got it then WHAM down again. The more rapid the cycle the more she would feel she has it controlled. She came off her meds probably because we are in Hawaii and when she ran out she saw no need to refill. After all surfing would hold her over right?

The lows become or appear to become more drastic. If they also drastically change in her sleep subconsciously she would be hit much harder than while in full control. The sleeping cycle would affect her on levels it couldn’t while she was awake.”

So I know more to watch now. These meds when stopped cold turkey can accelerate the cycling. She needs to be slowly brought down if they ever intend to stop them altogether.

We aren’t sure what this means for her mental recovery just yet. But I’ll keep you posted.

Physically she sat up and walked to the bathroom to go pee. The doctors flipped and asked how she could stand the pain. She just shrugged. Physically she is coming along much faster than they thought she might. But we already knew she was a touch little thing.