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(Obviously this isn’t Michelle. I am not as in tune with word as she is.)

People are asking how she is doing.

She is awake.
She is defiant.
She is non communicative.
She is many things right now.

I’m sure the reality is setting in.

Where am I?
When did my in-laws (Sarah’s parents), My parents, Josef, My cousin Kam and so many others arrive?
I thought I was in Hawaii.
I thought I was dead.
Why are there needles in my arms, a mask on my face, my stomach hurts.

She’s been out for four days.

7am Everything must be rushing at her, everyone wants her to talk. She’s only been awake a few hours and she needed oxygen immediately when they woke her. I’m sure it’s been a startling experience.

The doctors said she is in pain as well but they are holding off on more medication until she gives them some idea how much pain.

8am My parents and her parents couldn’t get her talking.

9am She was trying to sit up as Josef entered the room. It’s been about three hours after waking her up. They (the doctors) told her not to do that yet. No sitting up yet.

9am But Josef sat on her bed and said I’m not leaving till I know you love me. She tried to hug him but he slipped sideways and she missed. He said tell me and after about forty five minutes (9:45am) she stubbornly lifted the oxygen mask and said I love you.

Damn that kid can stare! Gets his stubborn streak from his mother. (Yoda voice) Need this he does not!

Those were her first words since Thursday and they were words not signs.

10am She fell asleep soon after and Josef is laying beside his mother right now. I’m not sure if he’s sleeping and I’m not going to check because I don’t want to wake them.

Of course all times are approximate. but you get the picture..

She probably feels shame, pain, anger, regret and more. I can only imagine and I’m waiting my turn to lay beside her and hold her. I’m waiting my turn but I’m in no hurry because Josef needs this more than I do.

Can’t wait for 8pm SPONGE BATH! I’m going to enjoy tormenting little wolfie.

That is your update on Michelle. God bless and thank you for lifting her up and praying for her. Jesus is here I know he is and I believe in my heart he stands guard over her still.