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In Scotland a Muslim man honor killed his wife. Her crime you as? Becoming “too western.”

Ahmad Yazdanparast, age 61, is described by his daughters as “an emotionally abusive and practically absent father, a moody man who didn’t seem to care for anyone but himself.” Well in Islam this is not surprising. Women have no value except as property I bet if he had a son the son would be treated much differently.

Ahdieh Khayatzadeh. was only 46 years old and the loving mother of two young women.

Yazdanparast was caught on camera entering his wife’s salon where she worked, He then covered her in gasoline and lite her on fire. Ms. Khayatzadeh was found alive by paramedics at the scene but with burns over 95% of her body there was not much they could do to save her life. All that could be done was to make her comforter able and wait to die.

Her daughters got less than an hour to say goodbye, and their goodbyes happened with their eyes closed on the advice of the attending staff. Their mother was so badly burned that the doctors worried it would traumatize the two girls.

Honor killings like this are routine in the Islamic world, and are coming to the west as well. As Muslim populations begin to grow in the non-Muslim world so do the number of honor killings. Sadly, they are also lightly punished if they are punished at all within the Islamic culture. A trend I worry will continue as they migrate to the west.

Will we Western nations choose to hold them to our standards of law, or will we allow them to continue to abuse women as if they were nothing but property? Will we be kowtowed into silence by the word Islamophobia?

The Muslims use that word to silence any who would speak the truth about Islam. They accuse any who speak the truth (LIKE THIS) of being hateful and when they are still not silent the threats begin. So this is the religion of peace? They can’t treat women well, they attempt to silence by using improper terms like Islamophobia (The fear of Islam when in truth I am not afraid I am disgusted there is a difference.) and when all else fails threats and violence are used.

It’s time people begin realizing that Islam dehumanizes women and being against their barbarism does not mean that we are Islamaphobic… it means that we are Islama-realistic. Islamic law and sexual attitudes have no place in Western Culture. We must stand united against it I will continue to speak out in the hopes of reaching people and in the end changing a barbaric culture of rape and humiliation and prejudice against women. Until the real war on women comes to a successful close.