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Standing on the shore
God issues subpoena
I’m compelled to appear
Within gods arena

In the word, in the flesh and
In the face of god

My steps made easy, Joyous flight
Where such beauty lives
Water greets as body meets
Amazed how much god gives

Sun, sand, surf, and life
In the face of god

Paddle out to water deep
Behold the morning sun
Towering waves rushing in
Bringing god’s gift of fun

In the sky, in clouds on high
In the face of god

Power, grace and glory too
Felt just under feet
Ocean swells, land stand still
Upon a kiss they meet

On the beach, by the tree
In the face of god

Knowledge of how small we are
Ever present upon the water
Upon my board in the ocean
Stands his little daughter

In the water, in the air and
In the face of god

A moment known
The fathers love made real
The wind does blow
His breath on neck I feel

In the wind and in the air and
In the face of god

Clear water so warm and free
A gift god present day
Heart so near, love so dear
What more can one say

Heart beats, moments pass
In the face of god

Speeding to waters edge
I feel his kiss on me
For a moment this short time
My spirit ever free

Sun kiss flesh, feeling blessed
In the face of god

All things present,
And all things past
All things first
And all things last

All things remain, eternal moments
In the face of god

I found myself upon my board. To me surfing is the closest I can get to my creator. I am in his theater, his arena. The vast oceans, warm water, soft winds all speak his name. They glorify all we are as humans and remind us (me at least) how much he gave us in the birth of our home.

This beautiful rock in space, home to his master piece which is you and I. He yet watches over as his creation lives, breaths, loves and laughs. His color pallet limitless and the genius of his design still elusive. All I need to know his genius is a board, the sun and a few waves. He speaks to me there and I feel his love in every direction as far as the eye can see. From the horizon to horizon, below and above he is there.

~Michelle styles From Hawaii June 2014