[Sarah here]
I took Michelle to the hospital this morning. She stuck herself with a knife about three to four inches into her stomach. She did it on purpose and has found herself pretty dark and depressed lately. She was doing so well in her recovery or at least I thought she was. Until recently I had hopes she had beaten the desire to die.

I believe they will keep her for observation. Right now they said over night and perhaps a day or two but I’ve known her a long time and don’t think this will be solved in a day or two. In a way I hope they admit her to the psych ward so they can help her.

I will keep you posted on her condition as I have details. Right now she is stable, she missed the major organs though punctured her stomach and some intestine. These are actually minor considering she could have hit the liver, kidneys or any number of other organs.

This was not her normal cry for help she tried to die tonight. Sorry I have no more details I will share publicly until I’ve reached her parents and TJ. If you are a person of prayer please extend them to her because I think she needs them.

She had scribbled these words last night I thought maybe I would share with you.
[end Sarah]

Thank you father for this day, just basking in your wonder.
Reminder just how great you are, not to steal your thunder.
Darkness comes and so does light, safe from going under.

Your daughters call heard by you, from her time of need.
You did not turn and will not flee, even when I bleed.
My heart is yours, fill it please, I beg you plant your seed.

Make of me what you desire, my heart and mind are yours.
From the pit long forgotten, please open up new doors.
Lead me to a time of peace and free me from dark wars.

I’m bleeding and begging for your heart, upon my bended knee.
Open my eyes, show me your light and teach my heart to see.
Eyes deceive and in ears lies weave, with heart alone I know thee.

I am little and broken so, your mercy I beg to heal.
Memory long past that haunt me so please steal.
Right my ship, unfurl the sail, set my even keel.

Or take my life and claim it yours, I beg you set me free.
Speak the words, see it so, tonight in heaven I’ll be.
This I ask as blood does flow upon my bended knee.

~Michelle Styles