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The pro-abortion (pro-murder) group claims we are the violent ones. Here is a story of an innocent teen expressing his freedom of speech who got beat up by a guilt ridden father who murdered his baby.

Pro-life activists often operate in a very dangerous world. A world where passion is the primary emotion. Pro-life people are standing up for the unborn who have no voice. After all God did instruct us to protect life. How could we turn a blind eye when babies are legally murdered every day?

Standing up for the unborn can be perilous work. The people we stand against often become quite angry. They are driven by deep emotions often by guilt of their own abortions. This guilt is detailed medically in Post Abortion Stress Disorder a new medical term. Many women require psychological help following an abortion. Yet you won’t hear that from the news of pro-abortion groups. Abortions are linked to many mental stress disorders and anxiety and depression even later in life.

It’s hard for them to hear the truth of the decision to make an evil choice. They even try and blame us for their shame and regret. But we the pro-Life movement aren’t trying to “shame” them… we’re just trying to save innocent lives with education about other choices available.

An example of how dangerous the work of a pro-life activist can be happened recently when a young man in Alabama was admitted to the emergency room after being beat up by pro-choice advocates. This teenager had been handing out Students for Life’s Abortion is not Social Justice Postcards in a local park when a man started arguing with him about when life begins.

That’s when things really got out of hand.

The man began yelling that he and his wife had recently had an abortion. DING! Please take note the man and his wife recently had an abortion. Guilt and shame for killing his child. But let’s continue with the story. The man claimed they had the abortion because “that’s what they needed to do.” Guilt can make a man (or woman) irrational and it appears to be the case here.

So we have a teenager handing out pamphlets to “educate” people on his views. And someone with the opposite view becomes belligerent. See it’s about free speech as long as you agree with the pro-abortion crowd you can speak and if you don’t. yeah here is the prime example.

The man continued yelling at the boy while getting in his face, then he pushed the teenager down and started punching him in the face repeatedly. The teen ended up in the emergency room with a broken nose. Why? Because the man in the park the pro-abortion advocate was feeling the guilt or murder.

When the teen was asked about the incident his reply showed his character, wisdom, faith and heart. He said that “he had forgiven the man who attacked him, and he hoped that pro-lifers around the country would pray for the man and his wife.” Wow!

What a brave and humble young man.

This is exactly the kind of anger and hatred that pro-life activists are up against. They are often portrayed in the media as the ones spitting venom and hatred… but nothing in this world is further from the truth. pro-Lifers do what they do out of love and compassion for the least of God children.

For the unborn child they are a voice to champion their lives. Someone has to speak up since they can’t. So why is the opinion Life begins at conception not one people can espouse without being meet with hate and vitrol? Why is it ok to pro-port the murder of innocent life but not propose to protect it? Why is it such a sin to teach a ne mom there are other options and abortion can have long term affects on a woman’s psyche?

I don’t want anyone to feel the guilt and shame that murdering their own child will bring. But more so I don’t want these innocent lives to be snuffed out simply because they are “an inconvenient truth”. In all cases except rape and incest the mother (and father) choose to engage in sex. Why then must the innocent child who doesn’t choose when he/she is conceived have to suffer for the parents poor choices?

Children should ALWAYS be seen as a blessing from the very Hand of God. ALWAYS. Mine is and he was conceived in a most hideous way. Yet he is a blessing to me and all who know him and I couldn’t picture my life without him. I’ve said it before and I say it again I would not trade not being raped for the life of my son. I’m so glad even at fourteen I knew it was murder and not a choice.

In my view short of rape and incest you made the choice to open your legs, or you made the choice to put your penis inside. That is where your choice ends. You have a right to choice and I am pro-choice. I am pro-choice when to have sex, with whom and for how long. I am pro-choice up to the point someone else’s life comes into the equation. I am Pro-Life the moment a baby is conceived.

~Michelle Styles – June 10, 2014