 Have you ever kissed a girl?

Duh! 😛

 Do you think you are happy with your life?

Yes and No. Many things in my life I am very pleased with and other areas not so much.

 Do you believe there are aliens out there?

Sure even if you believe in a creator who is to say he did not try elsewhere before or after or before and after trying here on the earth.

 Do you believe in the concept of life after death?


 Do you still think about your first love?

Yes every day when I see her face smiling back at me. She is my first and still true love.

 Were you ever drunk at college?

Yes I think everyone at college has been drunk before. I was a stripper and around booze all the time there and on campus. I had occasion to be drunk in those days. So yes I have been.

 At what age did you start drinking?

First time I got rip roaring drunk I was 18 but drinking is a rarity for me anyway so it’s not like I did it often or even regularly.

 Have you ever tried to steal?

I tried to steal a few hearts in my time does that count? If not then no I haven’t stolen I was taught very young you earn what you get. I never really wanted for things as a child, young adult or adult so no.

 What was the wildest dare ever given to you?

It wouldn’t be suited to a PG-13 blog. The wildest non-sexual and appropriate dare was to skydive. Didn’t like the feeling of falling it brought back to many memories of the sudden impact with the ground from my suicide. I wouldn’t do it again. Not from fear but practicality to be honest it isn’t worth the bad feelings afterward.

 What animal is your favorite?

I love the big cats. And dolphins yeah dolphins too.

 Do you still ever watch cartoons?

I don’t watch much TV to be honest. But when I am watching and they are on I don’t turn them off. I much prefer Big Bang Theory, Black Sails, Spartacus and Criminal minds. But mind numbing cartoons can serve purpose.

 Do you pray?

As often as time permits yes.

 Do you ever read the bible?

I have read it a time or ten. I have also read the Quran and Torah.

 What was High School like for you?

It wasn’t great for me. I had some issues because I was a teen mom. More because I was in love with a girl. I was called the slut and whore and well I played the part after a time. I thought the names would stop if I ignored them but they never did. I’m glad I am no longer in high school and I never attend my reunions. The only friends I had in high school I still talk to them today. They are few but they are good and lasting friends.

High school is also when I tried to end my own life. It’s a particularly dark time of my life.

 Would you ever consider putting your parents in an old age home?

If I could care for them myself no I wouldn’t. I think loving care from a child is always better than even good care from a stranger.

~Michelle Styles – June 9, 2014