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Caesar prepares for coming battle against the specter of darkness that reminds her of all she has lost. Her face, her innocence, and her peace. Darkness comes as she prepares to make one final stand.

Preparing for the street fight

Preparing for the street fight

Pitch as dark as middle night.
One stands ready, unholy fight.
Darkness rising, unholy blight.
Death will follow evening light.

Within war comes, on stone like face.
War and death, outward trace.
Approaching faster like mortal race.
Weapon to bear, limited space.

Victor stand, now disgrace.
Darkness now upon the face.

Once risen, now ash brings war.
Values to challenge every core.
Wind and wings the enemy soar.
Nearer and nearer, just like before.

Weapons to ready, time to fight.
Death shall follow, seldom right.
Alone to face darkened sight.
Blind to face, alone in plight.

Darkness comes fade the light.
Darkness comes to heroes slight.

Caesar yet stands..

Alone as my city trembles in wake. Impending shadow threatens all within city walls. From within and without the enemy approaches and Caesar already weary of the years and years of war. What past must suffer when future brightness dimmed. What indeed as Caesar prepares for coming tides. Alone as I wait for darkness to wash over walls and true battle fills the streets of Rome. The streets bathed in blood a testament to lose upon field of battle. A step closer to deserved end.

Towering the conqueror, a strode the horse.
Entering the city once defending force.
Bathed in jewels and riches, the hero does arrive.
Peace and justice rule, the hero does survive.
Upon the naked glory of battles now since won.
Darkness parted for a time beneath the warming sun.
Golden crown, adoring crowd all now look with shame.
Upon our heroes name.

Caesar yet stands..

Accolades, heaped upon the cities rising star. Caesar known for victory against the terrible odds. Darkness vanquished or so was thought. When crown was given to rising star. For a time peace was known and the enemy thought banished. From ash and mud upon scorched ground eruptions from its death. Darkness rises to its feet and vengeance all it seeks. It comes seeking Caesar for all past transgressions. It comes to reclaim the city Caesar holds so dear.

Caesar yet stands,

Years of battle etched upon outward façade and from within cracks now outwardly visible upon same. Standing before the city Caesar stands ready as the hordes approach. An enemy thought beaten now risen from ash and charred earth approaches. A sea of darkness like waves washing toward beloved city. The last stand for Caesar,

How can it be it rises so fast? This single though evoking even the city itself to tremble. Hannibal stands at the gates and the war is brought to bear upon the city walls. Deserved fate approaches and Caesar prepares for one last stand.

Coming tides of war are nothing new to hardened purpose. Yet Caesar weary of endless battle had paused yet a moment to enjoy the peace victory had afforded. From this moment a false sense lived upon thought and the illusion of rebuilding the empire within seemed at hand.

The glorious golden age at hand. Snatched from grasp as war once more beckons. The darkness comes with such force even sunrise is hard pressed to hide. Shadow eclipses even the sun from face of Caesar. All that remains is cold and darkness of coming tide. Fire burns upon city walls and for a time darkness cannot pass.

For now the city under siege remains defiant. Coming tide cannot be avoided and battle once more a reality. Caesar shall sharpen blade, polish armor and set mind to tasks of war. Former accolades and Loral’s of victory now shadowed by looming threat. Last time Caesar entered this city embraced as hero and basked in defeated enemy.

A grand celebration of premature news. Victory short lived against an enemy cloaked in darkness. Difficult to see and harder to kill through deceptive lie it’s reborn. Here it stands once more and today threatens my city. When the walls are breached Caesar shall engage the enemy in the very streets of Rome herself until it’s driven from the city or until there is no fight left in Caesar.

Now with shame Caesar shall stand once more against one thought sent to the afterlife. An enemy that seems to return from the ranks of death itself. A war known now shall never be won. Caesar left with thought to bring pause.

When next I pass through these gates; never shall I see my beloved city again. I shall see this war to bitter end and follow my enemy perhaps even in death to see one final victory. I shall know the measure of my enemy and it shall know my pursuit. I will see the sands stained with death or perish in the attempt.

One final battle and one final victory or one glorious death. I will have proper contest as tribute to title and legend.


People have asked how I fair. I’ve tried my best to describe it here. I fall miserably short of intended mark. I wait and welcome peace and have ask my creator to deliver it. Even at the cost of life I would embrace death itself should it bring final peace and end to war torn mind.