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Questions continued

I wasn’t going to bother answering this question it just irked me. Rubbed me all wrong. It smelled of jealousy and pettiness. Both of which I find not attractive in people. I have unfriended this person immediately after the question was asked. I didn’t even say anything to anyone just dumped this person. But I know they are stalkerish and read my blog so I decided to answer this nagging question.

I figure there is a lesson in it and you’ll all see it at the bottom of this answer.

Why do you like TJ don’t you know he’s ________?

Now the question listed several things they see as faults. So I will start off saying I don’t see those “faults”. I don’t see in him what others do. I don’t share others opinions of him. I don’t look at people with just my eyes.

So Why TJ and what does Michelle see in him?

Because he is sweet, kind, patient, gentle, smart, thoughtful, caring, open, honest, vulnerable, strong, compassionate, driven, ambitious, genuine, handsome (handsome is in the eye of the beholder I know your point is?), educated, and civic oriented.

Because he is soft and tough, kind and protective, strong and in ways weak. Yeah he has a weakness for me and I promise to not use the waterworks as a tool because I know it would hurt him in ways a bullet or a knife could only hope to.

Because he’s seen my scars and doesn’t flinch. Because he’s shown me his in private moments. Because he cares enough to expose himself at a level few could ever achieve.

Because he cares for me, he has a great heart, he cares for nature, and he takes the time to know me. I mean really know me in ways I can speak to him about somethings I feel I couldn’t talk to anyone else about. I have that in Sarah and a limited few but TJ is more he doesn’t judge me or call me names. He accepts my past and my limitations of the present. He also looks to a bright future that I want to be part of.

Because he is a man not a MEN. Because I have felt his heart and it’s good and pure in ways so few could rival. Because every day he is not here I think of where he is and hope he is thinking of me. Because he is in my dreams and in my mind. Because I’ve seen him, really seen him.

Anyone who takes five minutes to see the man inside would see the man I see. From his gentle smile, warm eyes and loving heart, to his intellect, kindness and wisdom.

Because he is honorable, faithful, loving, and generous. He is most generous with the one thing you can never earn, the one thing no human knows how much they have and every moment given should be seen as a piece of themselves. He is generous with his time and self.

Last because he knows how to keep a confidence. When you speak to the man I call mine and you call TJ he is helpful and patient and caring, but most of all he is the same man always not some pretender who puts on airs. When he gives you his friendship (it’s hard to earn) it’s life long. What you see with TJ isn’t what you get because if you judge only with your eyes you’ve missed the real man inside. When you see that man…..You know the man I hold in such esteem.

I hope this answers your shallow question about TJ. Perhaps you won’t judge people so quickly because you’ve probably missed out on some pretty fantastic people. I know you’ve missed out on one truly amazing person at least. The lose of just one of these should be pause enough for anyone to rethink how they judge people.

Now that I’ve said my piece about the amazing man TJ you’ve totally missed add to that the person I am who is no longer friends with the likes of you and I think maybe you’ve lost two people worth knowing.

~Michelle Styles – June 3, 2014