Ok lighten today a bit after my last post. Some more and fun questions.

1) If you could be any kitchen appliance what would it be and why?

A juicer! Cause I love juice. It’s healthy and tasty.

2) Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Look every good guy knows the chicken has to come first. Then he gets to come and the egg is born. If the chicken didn’t come first that rooster was worthless, selfish and lame!

3) What size shoe do you wear?

Cross trainers I like the feel of mens shoes but it’s hard finding a 6 1/2. That is perfect. In womens shoes I wear an 8 1/2.

4) What is your dress size?

Normally 7/8 but it’s sometimes hard because as a 34D the smaller dresses often don’t have the room on the top side if you know what I mean. I have bought 9/10 before to accomidate my hips and bust.

5) What is the last book you read/

After forever ends by Melodie Ramone
It’s a little slow to start but the story is fantastic and by the end you’ll have lived the love story. It’s a Master piece to be certain. Four lives intertwined and told in a gripping and interesting way. Loved it.

6) What was the last movie you saw?

Moms night out.
It was funny in places but very predictable as well. I wouldn’t pay to see it again though.

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Given history name who you’d most like to meet, receive advise from, and have dinner with for each category. They can be living or dead.

7A) Military commander? Meet: Julius Ceaser, Advice: Joshua from the old testament Dinner: Colin Powell
7B) Spiritual person? Meet: Black Elk,Advice: Dr. Martin Luther King Dinner: Jesus (he’d bring the wine and fish )
7C) Inventor? Mary Anderson (Because she invented the windshield wipers in 1905 a time when women stayed home and made babies. She was a pioneer) Advice;Temple Grandin (Because she proved disabilities don’t define what you can/can’t do. She is a pioneer and holds many patents in cattle farming and slaughter hosues) Dinner: T. David Petite a Chippewa indian who invented many things I use today. Ad-HOC networking, smart meters, and more.
7D) Businessman/woman: Meet: Oprah Advice: Marcus Licinius Crassus Dinner: King Solomon who was reportedly worth 500 tons of gold and other valuable assets worth more than a trillion dollars today) He was more than king he was a business man

One more inventor of note: Alan turning who invented bianary math matics and whose work is the foundation of modern CPUs. Without Alan Turning we wouldn’t have the turning method.

I felt a need to elaborate on the inventors. There are reasons I pick each person but the inventors I felt needed some explanation as to exactly why.

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8) What’s your favorite drink?

I’m a light weight with booze and very rarely drink it but when I do wine is my vice. Besides that juice virtually any juice.

9) You claim to eat like a horse what is a typical day for you?

Breakfast 4am (three-four toast with jam, three or four hard boiled eggs, a banana and some milk)
Second breakfast 9am (a banana, an orange, a large bowl of oatmeal, four or five pieces of bacon or sausage links and juice)
Snack 10/11am (Some nuts Cashew and Almond are favorites but most any nuts will do about a cup 8-12oz worth)
Lunch noon (Three sandwiches –meat/cheese/lettuce-, a piece of fruit, a cup of trail mix, a chocolate bar snickers rules!, milk and juice)
Snack 230pmish (a cup of fruit, granola bar, some chocolate chips and water)
Dinner 5pm (Some kind of meat 12-16oz, potato or rice, vegetables, biscuits of bread, some form of desert and juice and water) –sometimes I need seconds and potato/rice and veggies are portioned similar to the meat.
Snack 8pmish (popcorn and nuts, water)
Snack 10pm (fruit about a cup, whipped cream, yogurt and water)

Mixed in there are random snacks cause I got hungry and those can be anything from fruit to ice cream to cake. Yes I eat like a horse.

10) Favored video games/

I’ve always played kingdoms of the lost http://www.kotl.org port 2222 use telnet to connect. Though while in Hawaii I haven’t been playing. Text based old school but the best of its kind.
I used to play world of Warcraft a lot. A LOT!
I play StarWars The Old Republic mostly now. As far as MMORPGs go.

11) One day in your life you could relive and why?

The day I heard my sons voice. I had dreamed of it for so long, thought it would never be able to happen. I cried many tears of joy that day. Look for my post 1st anniversary. It was and remains perhaps my best day of life ever.

It will certainly be hard to beat.

12) If you could unlive one day what day and why?

The day I attempted suicide. I regret playing god very much. I tried to overcome his divine power and choose my own judgment day. I would unlive that day and hope I could find a better way to vent the pain. But in the doing of Sarah might not have become my lover though she always has been and ever shall be my best friend.

I guess I wouldn’t change a single day. I have regrets from that day but it shaped who I am. It taught me a lesson and that is God is God and he chooses when we come into and when and how we leave this life. It’s a day I shamed myself into believing I was further from him when in reality it was one day he was closest to me. The day he saved my life a second time.

So I’m glad I;ve lived all my days because even from those we might wish to unlive we learn something that makes life worth more. From my rape came my son who makes everyday worth opening my eyes to. He is a blessing and everyday he breathes is a gift in and of itself from my creator. Every challenge and every darkness has seen me to a better place in the end and has seen me blessed beyond compare and beyond worth or need.

~Michelle Styles – June 3, 2014