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Eliot Rodger was a bully not the bullied. He saw himself as more than human and better than you. He bullied people and made every effort to intimidate people.

Rodger says of himself:
– “I saw myself as a highly intelligent and magnificent person who is meant for great things.”
– “Becoming a multimillionaire at a young age is what I am meant for.”
– “I am like a god.”

He thought himself one of the beautiful people after all he lived that life. Power, money and influence. He has been to Hollywood premieres like all three recent star wars movies, hunger games and others. His family friends include musicians, movie makers and movie stars.

His family had influence and power by these connections. They also had money enough so he had no worries ever and had all the nicest clothes, skateboards, video games, computers and other items he desired. He drove a new BMW and had no college debt.

And yet he wasn’t happy. He saw himself as the victim to be pitied. He was jealous of others and says so in his manifesto man times. Here the kid who has every advantage in life jealous of others claiming life isn’t fair.

He claims to have many happy childhood memories of his parents. He brags of his world travels and always flying first class. He spent many days mountain climbing and flying kites with his dad, many more at the park with his mother. All quality parental time.

So how it is Rodger saw every female as a “tall, hot blonde” — and, this being hia California, was only 50 percent white. He viewed all couples as his sworn enemies causing his suffering. And yet he only once spoke to a girl. He expected girls to throw themselves at him.

Although Rodger loved driving his car, he as he would say “soon learned the hard way” not to drive on Friday and Saturday nights, where he “frequently saw bands of teenagers roaming the streets.” They “had pretty girls beside them, probably on their way to get drunk and have sex and do all sorts of fun pleasurable things that I’ve never had the chance to do. Damn them all!”

He recalls at Santa Barbara City College, he dropped his sociology class on the first day of school “because there was this extremely hot blonde girl in the class with her brute of a boyfriend.” Rodger couldn’t even sit through the whole first class with them, merely for being a couple.

He signs were there like. Santa Monica Pier was out for him, too: “I saw young couples everywhere. … Life was too unfair to me.” On a trip to England, he refused to leave his hotel room so he wouldn’t have to see men walking with their girlfriends. So why didn’t anyone do anything about this? It’s far from normal to say the least.

Instead he saw the “cruelty” of women which apparently consisted of the failure of any “tall, hot blondes” to approach Rodger and ask for sex. Of course that isn’t how that works. You want something go out and get it. He would walk around for hours “in the desperate hope that I might possibly cross paths with some pretty girl who would be attracted to me.”
So he looked like a loser and acted like one too. He never asked girls out and set his sights on only tall, hot blondes. Pretty limiting when it comes to finding a girl to be honest.

But only once, in the entire 141-page manifesto, does Rodger attempt to speak to a girl himself. She’s a total stranger walking past him on a bridge, and he musters up the courage to say “hi.” He claims she “kept on walking” and said nothing. She probably didn’t hear him. But he called her a “foul bitch” and went to a bathroom to cry for an hour.

Foul bitch. Hmmm perhaps that’s why he is dateless. His opinion of women as foul bitch probably has something to do with it.

Although Rodger repeatedly denounces the world and everyone in it for their “cruelty and injustice,” he was the bully more often than the bullied, especially as time went on.

Form his manifesto he talks about seeing an Asian guy talking to a white girl at a party, decides he’d been as he said it “insulted enough,” and roughly bumped the Asian guy aside. He goes on in his manifesto about why he bumped this guy. “How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them? I thought with rage.”

Yet even after his unprovoked assault, the couple was nice to him, telling him he was drunk and should have some water. He stormed out of the party, but returned to as he says “spitefully insult the Asian”.

Afterwards he climbed up on a balcony at the party, and when some college kids joined him, he began insulting them and tried to push the girls off a 10-foot ledge. Yes you heard that right he tried pushing the girls off the ledge.

He beseeches his mother to marry “any wealthy man” because it would “be a way out of my miserable and insignificant life.” He tells her “she should sacrifice her well-being for the sake of my happiness.” And yet even now no one has done anything about this spoiled brat of an ingrate.

He says, when flying first class, “I took great satisfaction as I passed by all of the other people who flew economy, giving all of the younger passengers a cocky little smirk whenever they looked at me.”

Meanwhile, in his 141 pages of unreadable drivel, the worst thing anyone ever did to him was not say “hi” back.
His claim that couples all over were “making out” or “passionately kissing” are probably fictional. In the Starbucks line? At family dinners? They were probably holding hands and Rodger hallucinated something resembling a live sex act where they called his name and pointed and laughed at him.

Yes the world revolved around this little man. At least in his own mind.

He claims a couple in a Starbucks line were “kissing passionately … rubbing their bodies together and tongue kissing in front of everyone.” Angry at the sight, Rodger’s followed them to their car and threw his hot coffee on them. In a self-pitying tirade, he says: “I cursed the world for condemning me to such suffering.” He then “spent five days alone in his room”.

Another couple Rodger claims were kissing “passionately” in the food court outside Domino’s pizza which enraged him so much he followed them in his car and “splashed my iced tea all over them” — all to fight “against the injustice.”
A family friend, Simon Astaire, described Rodger’s flat affect, common to schizophrenics, saying he “couldn’t look at you straight in the eye and looked at your feet. It was unbearable.”

So this spoiled child had it all. Anything he wanted “mom would get me” from clothing to skateboards to technology. This spoiled child attended movie premieres, had money and parents that spent time (quality) time with him. This spoiled child refused to take the meds the doctors prescribed for his mental illness. Yet we’re to believe somehow he was the victim?

We’re expected to believe the guns killed these people when half were stabbed with knives and one killed by a car. Only 1/3 of his victims were shot. Why not blame triple A or Cutco cutlery?

Instead we blame the gun when the fact is it was one spoiled little boy who despite having all the advantages in life took it upon himself to punish those he felt inferior to. As it turns out it was his last act as a bully and honestly the world is better off without him, I just wish six innocent people didn’t need to die to remove him from life.

Was he mentally ill? Yes. My question where were his parents and doctors? Why wasn’t he admitted for treatment especially after his youtube video. It was very obvious then and there how sick he was. Instead six innocent people paid for the mistakes of his parents, the police and his doctors. I wish his victims had of been armed so they could have fought back.

I guess there are several morals here.
1) Money does not buy happiness
2) Children need rules
3) Children need God
4) Mental Illness isn’t taken as seriously as it should be in the USA
5) Had that school not been a gun free zone someone would have ended this much sooner
6) Most spoiled children don’t learn boundaries and feel they can get away with anything and they have undeserved illusions of grandeur.

This little narcisist was also a racist and human scum. His parents and doctors should have institutionalized him when he refused his meds because they knew he was sick. The cops failed the public after his video as well. They could have and should have brought him in and had him admitted for examination.