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Question 4 – In a world of adversity how do you keep a positive attitude?

Well I guess that depends on the definition of adversity. We all face trials and it’s true many will never face the trials I’ve faced it’s also true I will never face the trials others have faced. I can’t imagine the suffering of being gang raped and then having the government and legal system rape you again by imprisoning you and beating you.

I will never know the hardships of women under Sharia law. I will never know your challenges. But how we face those and the things we learn from them and what we do with those challenges are entirely up to us. I’ve taken my challenges and adversity and look to help others by my experiences.

I guess it’s the fact I can sit and feel sorry for myself or I can choose better for myself. I can sit and say oh everyone pity me or I can use what has happened to others may recover faster from what they face. I can choose to see God saved my life not once but at least twice and that alone is special.

For me both times I was supposed to die. No one understood my survival. He also saved the life of my son. One who would ultimately be my redemption on earth. He has shown me the way. His life among the things I can reflect upon and see God in the choices. I can see Gods hand in the world today still pushing me gently toward his will.

Attitude is perspective, and I choose to not sit back and watch as life passes me by in my self pity. I choose to grab what God has given me and to recognize his hand and saving touch in my own life. He has done so much in my life already and more seems to unfold the more I accept his chosen path.

So how can I keep a positive attitude? I would ask how can I not when the alternative is self pity, isolation, and separation. The alternative isn’t pretty so I choose to heal rather than fester in pity. How could I not see the world and my life as the blessing it is?

I choose to see all he has given me, all he has done for me and the love in my life rather than the brief moments of pain I see the extended joys and blessings. They do after all outweigh the pain many fold.

Love to my friends and readers,