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A case of more stupid people. All of them in this case are STUPID and let me explain.

A German exchange student, 17 year-old Diren Dede now dead.
A firefighter named Markus Kaarma now facing murder charges.
The wife of the firefighter named Janelle Pflager.
The father of the dead exchange student.

Now how were they all stupid? Well first the husband and wife who had been burglarized twice before set a trap. Neither of them had the brains to ask do we really need a gun or will a camera suffice? Neither of them had the brains at all. They just set a trap and set about killing the criminal.

The exchange student was out looking for alcohol. This despite the fact he is under age in America and that is a crime. He was on someone else’s property uninvited (also a crime known as trespassing), he was IN someone else’s house (another crime breaking and entry). He was in the act of committing yet another crime because he wanted to steal alcohol.

So we have dumb vigilantes who can’t figure out a night camera is ample proof. The two lack enough brains to set a proper non-lethal trap and now the husband at least faces murder charges. I guess when God was handing out brains that day he ran out before these two. Or maybe he meant to make them both slugs without the need of advance intellectual concepts.

We have a seventeen year old committing multiple crimes and attempting to commit more. He showed a casual disregard for the property of others and the laws of the country he is in. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know some rights from wrongs. STEALING is universal it’s illegal in every country. Breaking into someone else’s house is illegal in every country around the world. So there is no excuse he didn’t know any better.

Now let’s move to the piece of shot father of the dead boy. Is it sad his son is dead? Yes, yes it is. But this yahoo is now on tv talking about how he shouldn’t have sent his son to America where it’s so dangerous. If you remove five cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angles, Washington DC, and Detroit the murder rates are both about 4 per 100,000. Doesn’t sound that dangerous to me.

Further more mister dad, we all want to protect and defend our children but here is the honest truth. You sir screwed up in not teaching your son right from wrong. Had he not been committing crimes and breaking laws in the we hours of the night he would still be alive safe and sound. I know blaming others is easy and these two creeps who shot your son are the worst kind of idiots. But that doesn’t relieve your son of the fact that he was committing crimes and in the we hours of the night.

See your failure as a parent doesn’t mean America is a dangerous place. It means had you personally taught your son better he would still be breathing today.

Sorry I just don’t think America is such a dangerous place especially by comparing your country to ours. Your claim doesn’t hold water considering the facts and statistics. It also pales in the light of personal responsibility. Something that’s painfully clear your son lacked.

I am sorry for your loss honestly it’s a shame. But before blaming others try looking inward and asking what kind of child did I raise who has such callus disregard for the property of others. What kind of kid did I raise?
I hope these two, the firefighter and his wife both get the electric chair and I pray they hadn’t yet had offspring. These two idiots without a brain between them should at bare minimum never be allowed into normal society again.

I’m embarrassed for America because the world can see how stupid these two are and they have to be asking “You allow them an equal vote?”.

Honestly people it’s sad the boy is dead but personal responsibility has to be taken into account. Intentional and willful disregard for the law is the reason this boy is dead. The firefighter and his wife disregarding murder laws, vigilante laws and the laws of common sense. The teenager and his friend disregarding property laws and other laws. Had all been acting accordingly this tragedy wouldn’t have happened.

I do wonder what daddy would have blamed America for had the firefighter and his wife just video taped the boy entering his garage and rummaging through boxes and stuff, then walking out with bottles of booze? They shouldn’t put my son in jail he’s a good boy….

Use your head people.
1) Don’t set “traps” you aren’t the cops.
2) If you do set “traps” be sure they are non-lethal.
3) Nice clear video is better than a bullet unless your life is in danger.

Signing out.
~Michelle Styles