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In August 2013 the FDA approved the nucleus 6 system! On Monday I get this new system. It’s costly but I’m worth it. It may give me my dream of hearing on the phone without the massive headache.

I get to boldly go where I haven’t gone before. New technology and an huge step forward from just two years ago. This new device is more sensitive and more adjustable. There will be more ability to adjust things within the device and as a result a wider range of options toward natural sound for me.

The nucleus 6 is a hybrid device which will better utilize the parts of the ear I have and serve as the nerves missing in my ear. I’m scared to go back under the knife this will be the third time in two years. But I’m also excited. The possibilities are endless for this new device as it’s a drastic leap forward.

I have to push from my mind this fixing my phone problems. I don’t want to much disappointment if it fails. I know I’ll still be a deaf person and a hearing person but there is promise in this newer device. I can’t fixate on one desire and I know I need to be thankful for how far I’ve come. I also know I will never be a fully normal functioning person. My implants need to recharge and every night I become a deaf person again.

I will be totally deaf again for at least three to four weeks before they turn the device on. I’ve been in control of when I hear for so long and have had periods each and everyday for months now where I’ve enjoyed sound. This is so I heal up completely but it won’t be easy for me. I had something that was a dream and now it will be silent inside again.

I also know once on there will be an adjustment period while I become accustomed to the new device. A whole new training period for me and the new device. I’m ready for that and I’m working to not set time limits for myself. I tend to push myself if they say eight weeks I want to do it in four. This time I told them don’t tell me numbers let’s just do it and as it happens it happens.

The new hybrid device will allow my ears to work more naturally and utilize the pieces I have and replace the pieces I don’t. A series of wires directly to the brain act as the nerves sending the signals alone this mechanical nerve tract. The inner ear pieces I have will be better utilized for a more natural sound.

I know my hearing will never be perfect nor as good as God intended. But it will be as good as God knew it could be for me. The surgery is scheduled for 9am and is only expected to last an hour or less. I will be in recovery for a but but I’ll try and check in with facebook after checking in with family and friends probably around 11:30 or noon.

After the surgery I’m traveling for a bit and relaxing. I’ll write more as I can and let everyone know how I’m doing. In about a week I will get stitches out and a few days later will be in the water surfing.

The next chapter of my road to sound begins in earnest. It’s coming so fast and at times I still feel I’ve not come far enough.

Thanks for your well wishes, prayers and thoughts,

Michelle Styles