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Honor killings and punishments for not wearing a head scarf

In 2007 in Iraq groups of men not even police roam the streets in search of non-conformists refusing to wear headscarves. These men don’t care about the morals of the religion the girl belongs to so Muslim and non-Muslim alike are taken from the street gang raped, and beaten to death then discarded like trash. Religious extremists have killed at least 40 women this year (2007) in Basra because of their “un-Islamic” dress, according to Iraqi police. A number that saw increase in each of the next 6 years. These gangs of men still roam the streets today.

Arrests you may ask in the past 6 years? ZERO!

In June 2007, Hamas took control of Gaza by force. Sheikh Abu Saqer, who runs the Islamist group called Jihadia Salafiya, warned that Christian women living in Gaza should wear the hijab if they wished to live free from attack: “All women, including non-Muslims, need to understand they must be covered at all times while in public.”

Forced morality much? This is typical of Islam. When they seize power they first demand you respect them. Then the demand you don’t practice your faith in public. Then they begin forced conversions like are happening in Egypt. Young Coptic girls are being kidnapped, raped then told convert of we turn you over to be lashed for adultery. Once they marry and convert they can not divorce and can not leave Islam or they will be killed. Once married the beatings begin.

In Sudan a Christian woman was given a sentence of 40 lashes and a fine, for the “crime” of standing near a garden at night, and not wearing a headscarf. She was beaten by police and denied the right to speak in her defense at her Sharia trial. The sentence of whipping was carried out immediately after her conviction.

First beaten by the police and then railroaded by the legal system if you can call Sharia a legal system then lashed and for what? Standing near a garden at night without a head covering! Sharia is no legal system it is a slavery system!

The issue of Muslim men forcing women to wear the hijab continues. In September 2007 British dentist Omer Butt – brother of former radical Hassan Butt – faced a tribunal, accused of misconduct. He had told a woman patient that he would grant her free government-sponsored dental care only if she wore a headscarf. If she refused, she would have to seek dental treatment elsewhere. Butt was found guilty but received only an admonishment.

Wow they can make up laws and rules and not even be punished.

A 16-year old girl was murdered in Missauga, Toronto. Aqsa Parvez was strangled, and died on Monday, December 10, after a brief struggle for life in hospital. Her father was arrested and on Tuesday, he was charged with her murder. Her 26-year old brother Waqas was charged with obstruction of justice. Her crime she wanted to not wear the headscarf.

Aqsa’s school friends claimed that she would leave home dressed in a hijab, but would change into Western clothes before arriving in class. At the time she was killed, she had left home and had apparently only returned to collect some possessions. Classmate Ebonie Mitchell said: “She just wanted to dress like we do. Last year she wore like the Islamic stuff and everything, the hijab, and this year she’s all Western. She just wanted to look like everyone else. And I guess her dad had a problem with that.” Her family, and her father in particular, had apparently forced her to wear the Muslim headscarf.

Muslim groups, such as CAIR naturally rushed to defend their religion, maintaining that: “Teen rebellion is something that exists in all households in Canada and is not unique to any culture or background.” The Islamic Social Services Association said that the death was a case of domestic violence, and was a problem across Canada’s society.

But other Canadian households don’t MURDER their children for rebellion yet in Islamic society they do but only if the child is female. Why is that? Because simply put Islam sees women as equal to a dog or donkey. They are dirt and unworthy of equality.

Such less-than-honest assessments do not take into consideration the cultural and religious factors behind the case. Not wearing Islamic dress is a motivation for other so-called honor-killings. In Pakistan, from which Aqsa’s family came, an estimated 1,500 women die as a result of honor-killings every year. Yeah you read that 1,500 women die in PAKISTAN alone every year because of “honor” killings.

In Britain, numerous honor killings have taken place, particularly amongst Muslim immigrants of Pakistani and Kurdish backgrounds. On November 1, 2006, Pakistani immigrant Mohammed Riaz burned his wife and four daughters (aged 3 to 16) to death because they had become too “Westernized”. Before the murders, he had destroyed “Western clothes” belonging to the girls.

So you don’t like what your wife wears just kill her. See the connection to the idea women are property yet? See how women have no value in Islam? NONE!

It is frequently argued that honor-killings, like female genital mutilation (FGM) have nothing to do with Islam. This does not explain why such abuses of women take place predominantly in Muslim societies. In today’s climate of cultural relativism where Westerners do not wish to find fault with abuses of women under Islam, the voices of famous so-called feminists are either quiet, or even refuse to acknowledge that such abuse has anything to do with them.

This is the reason for the Naked Jihad. We will stand where the cowardly feminists of America and the world hide. It’s sad really to see feminist groups in America calling republicans monsters and claiming a war against women all the while right under their noses a real war is raging. Where are they on the real war? Silent! For same to NOW (National Organization of Women) and other so called women’s rights groups. They are scared of the real threat.

News flash silence is complicity. So NOW you must support forced FGM, arranged marriages to girls below the age of puberty, Rape, Honor killings, beatings of women, and disfigurement via acid, fire and other means against women. If you were against it you’d be speaking up!

Where were the voices of Western feminists when several girls and young women died in a fire in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on March 11, 2002? The girls were students, staying in a dormitory when the fire broke out. When they tried to flee the building, those who were not Islamically “covered” were beaten back into the flames by the muttawa or “religious policemen.”

Yes you read that correctly. Police forced little girls to remain in a burning building because they weren’t properly covered. One big question comes to mind here. Didn’t any of the police ever hear of a blanket? Fully covered problem solved. Instead these brave policemen beat the fleeing and scared girls and forced them back into the burning building.

Such compassion don’t you think? I mean we wouldn’t want anyone to see one of these girls faces or ankles because we all know what animals Islamic men are.  I mean their own clerics say the woman who shows any flesh invited the man to rape her because he becomes overwhelmed with lust. In other words he is a base animal with NO self control.

More to come tomorrow as we look at what feminists have to say about islam and the systematic slavery and rape of women under Sharia law.

~Michelle Styles – April 15, 2014