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Free Amina

A world with naked Jihad is underway. Started by one Muslim woman who dared declare she was free and her body was no ones property. She posted a picture of herself topless with the Arabic words “No master, No slave” and “My body, my rules”. She was arrested and charged under Sharia law with indecent conduct and agitating women to moral decadence.

She remains in jail and was recently handed down the death sentence because she refused to “admit” her guilt. Other ladies who agreed have also been imprisoned. While in these Islamic prisons they have been beaten, raped, forcibly stripped, displayed nude publicly and yet they hold to the ideal of freedom.

These brave lady warriors hold to the idea that they are equal and not worth half a man. They hold to the idea they are not property and their bodies are theirs. They are fighting a war few even know exists. But Femen and others have picked up the torch and our numbers are growing. Worldwide protests have begun in earnest with 2013 seeing protests in dozens of countries.

These protests rage against the inhumane treatment of women under Sharia law. Of the systematic beatings by husbands, fathers, uncles, in-laws and brothers all justified under Sharia law. The feigned morality of forcing a woman to wear head to toe clothing exposing no more than her eyes. The belief in the Islamic world that a rape victim was somehow asking for it and deserves further punishment while the man walks free.

The belief that women shouldn’t be educated, shouldn’t drive, shouldn’t be allowed out of their homes unless their husband escorts them out. They are making a brave stand and the world is taking notice. Women and now some men worldwide have joined the naked war. I Joined it in 2013 as well and will continue to speak out, my voice will be among the millions who cry out for justice. My body will be my weapon!

In 2013 we saw multiple protests in Paris, the U.S.A, Canada, Germany, Russia, the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Egypt, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Suadi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Denmark, Cuba, Argentina and the list is growing in 2014 and has already added Morocco and Israel.

It starts with one, then another and another and our numbers grow. The more people hear of the plight of women under Islamic law known as Sharia the more that get involved. The movement worldwide is a combination of Islamic and non-Islamic women and now men. The promise before Amina is silenced forever we will see her voice multiplied by a million all crying for basic equality. We are nearing that goal.

Women under Sharia law suffer various levels of abuse and inequality. Why is this? Well the larger the Muslim population and the more of Sharia they can force upon the public the worse the women fair. In nations with greater than 60% Muslims Sharia law often becomes forced upon all Muslim and non-Muslim alike. As the percentage grows Sharia becomes stricter and Islam becomes the only faith allowed.

I understand why Islam sees the west, Jews and Christianity as Satan. We threaten their boys club mentality and laws. We for decades and longer have known women are equals. We have respected women for centuries and women are safe under western laws. We in the west honor women and punish evil caused against them. I at least understand why Islam hates the west, the Jews and the Christians.

Because we break down their little boys club and encourage women to seek freedom. We by example show women worldwide you are equal in all respects to any who breathe male or female. We show them the taste of freedom and once it’s tasted there is no retreat.

They (Islam) claim that Islam fulfills Christianity. If that were remotely true Islam and it’s laws would place women at the forefront of family life in a place of reverence and respect. It would protect women and cherish them. It would do this because Christians and Christianity does this. After all wasn’t Jesus’ message “We are all children of the heavenly father, he created each of us equal and free and he loves us each as much as the other.”


Under Sharia if a woman leaves her house without being in the company of a man that is her husband, father, brother or adult son she is convicted of “mingling” and sentenced to lashes. What are lashes? Glad you asked it’s a hard stick used to slap against your flesh and rips flesh open.

Under Sharia if a woman speaks to a man not her husband or direct family she is convicted of mingling. Yup more lashes.

Another popular punishment for women under Sharia is stoning. This is where a woman has her hands tied behind her back and is buried to the waist in the sand. Then the villagers stand in a circle and throw rocks at her until she is dead. This can take hours for the woman to die and often does. It’s one more example of barbarism against women under Sharia Law.

Under Sharia if a woman is raped she is convicted of adultery and is lashed as many as 200 times. Several women have died from the lashings and the deaths range from lose of blood to post lashing infection. And while the woman is punished the man walks free because SHE ASKED FOR IT by her dress (lack of being 100% covered) or her being out of the house unescorted. What does this tell me? Islamic men have zero control and life for women under Sharia is dangerous.

If a woman who has been raped is also pregnant and she miscarries as a result of the lashing and the child would have been a male child. She is then executed for murder but a female child no further punishment is dished out.

Frankly I am surprised Islamic men aren’t incensed by the accusation they have so little control. If I were an Islamic man I’d be insanely angry at the notion I am nothing more than a base animal incapable of self control. Think about it the excuse that because he saw her calf he was so driven by lust that he couldn’t control himself. Here in America I have worn pretty skimpy clothing and been perfectly safe. Maybe America and western men have evolved more to the point of self control? But let’s get back on topic.

Under Sharia a woman to prove rape must have four male witnesses to convict the rapist. Now I don’t know what planet you grew up on but when there are more than one man present at a rape they are generally involved in the rape.

Under Sharia a woman is often denied education. When one demands education like the fourteen year old in Afghanistan they are punished. She was shot in the face by these brave Islamic men. And for what? She dared demand to learn to read and write. Knowledge is power and if she could read the Quran she could understand her rights better.

Under Sharia many women are forced into Female Genital Mutilation and some die following it. They receive only the minimal healthcare and their lives continue with limited medical care. They are only property after all. Why invest money in medical care when I can buy new wives anytime I wish?

Under Sharia a woman can be beaten by her husband, father, brother, father in-law, brother in-law, uncle and this is done at any time and for any reason they see fit. Many have been burned with acid, had their eyes gouged out, noses and/or ears cut off, tongues cut out and worse. Islamic law has very rarely convicted a man for beating his wife. The exception is if she is pregnant and his actions cause her to miscarry a male child.

Under Sharia girls are sold as wives as young as 6 years old. These forced marriages are at the whim of the husband as a woman can NEVER ask for a divorce and has no rights to one but the man can simply throw her out without a penny. If she returns home she may face becoming a victim of honor killing by her family.

Under Sharia a man can FORCE marry a non-Muslim for as little as one hour and then discard her. If she is force married she also is now force converted and to leave Islam is death. These one hour marriages are legal in the Islamic world and are one way men get around “rape charges”. One of many though many don’t make an effort to avoid raping a woman because she is just a woman and only half a mans worth.

Under Sharia there are decency police who determine if the woman has the proper clothing to be out. Face, head and body must be covered in loosely fitting clothing so not to show her figure or any flesh besides the eyes. Even then there are countries considering hiding the eyes behind tinted plastic because a woman’s eyes can be too sensual for a man and it could drive him to lust.

Really? So little control from the Islamic male.

You must understand as I was told plain by a Muslim friend “Sharia is Islam. It is a set of laws and part of Islamic life. Islam is not a religion but a way of life. It’s a political system, it’s laws for life, it’s a religion and it’s all one thing. Sharia is as much Islam as Allah and the Quran. “ Those are his words not mine. Sharia IS Islam.

The naked Jihad highlights these problems with Sharia. We are taking a stand with our bodies as our weapons. We are standing and telling the Islamic world we are women, we are free and we are equal. I personally stand against Sharia and the cruelty inflicted upon it’s women. I stand with the women fighting for equal rights under Islamic law.

These are but some of the inequalities under Islam and Sharia law. This is the real war on women and it’s happening today under Sharia law. And it’s coming to a country near you unless we wake up and stop its spread now. Sharia must be stopped and it must be changed.

You will be seeing the Naked Jihad coming to a street or town near you. We are now half a million strong and growing worldwide. It’s our hope we can force positive change within Islam to amend Sharia so it recognizes women as equal and free.

With the messages of:

My body, My rules
No really does mean NO
Naked War
Naked Jihad
My body as a weapon
Stop FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)
God made me and he made me free
No Sharia
Camels for men, cars for women
Sharia is unequal
My body not your property
No girls for sale
I am woman, I am free
Still not asking for it

There are many more but you get the point. More than half a million have gone naked for the war and still others have joined but not gone naked. In 2013 the first men to join Naked Jihad came along. Get naked, don’t get naked but it’s time all joined the Naked Jihad and demanded Islam grant women equal rights.

~Michelle Styles – April 14, 2014 ~My body IS my weapon!~