Let’s talk about the culture of rape shall we.

What is funny is rape is worse in Islamic countries than the rest of the world. Why is that? Maybe because the structure of laws Islamic and Shariah favor the man. It takes 4 men to prove rape in Islamic countries. Furthermore who is punished in these same countries? The victim of course! Let’s look at this in more detail.

They say the woman who dresses provocatively is responsible for her rape. Her clothes and attire make the man an animal. We euthanize dogs who are rabid and out of control why not Islamic men then? If they are animals who can’t control themselves around women perhaps they should live on an island with only men. No matter what a woman wears or doesn’t wear she is NOT ASKING FOR not DESERVING of being raped.

Sharia says I DESERVE to be raped and my 9mm says you deserve to die for trying.

No matter what I wear or don’t wear my body is MINE and you can’t touch it.

In Bangladesh in 2011, a 14 year-old girl, who was sexually assaulted by her 40 year-old cousin, received 100 lashes for her “adulterous” behavior. She did not survive her punishment for being a victim. Over the past decade, several hundred women have been flogged in Bangladesh under similar circumstances.

Flogging is the punishment for fornication (sex outside of marriage) in Islam, whether the woman had casual sex by choice or was raped. Without four male witnesses (yes four men have to stand up in court and say they witnessed the rape) or the confession of the attacker, no rape case can be proven, according to Shariah law.

So if the victim is “bold” enough to report the crime, she is by default admitting to having sex, which in and of itself is a crime if the sex was not with her husband. In normal circumstances, a rapist wouldn’t attack in front of any witnesses, unless of course they were also a part of the attack. Facing such dire punishments, it is highly probable that most Muslim women would not dare report these attacks, even if they need medical attention.

The other way it is found is if the woman has a child outside of marriage. Even if the conception of that child was the result of a rape.

With such laws, it’s no surprise that rapes have become a part of Muslim culture. During the “Arab Spring” in Egypt, hundreds of women were raped in Tahrir Square by those Egyptians who were glorified in the West as “fighters against the cruel dictatorship of Mubarak” and who then voted for the Islamist Muhammad Mursi and made him the President of Egypt. Then, just 13 months later, those same Egyptians again crowded into Tahrir Square and enthusiastically supported the military coup against Mursi “for democracy”– and in just four days raped 130 more women on the way to that democracy.

In Darfur, rapes had become the true Weapon of War, and the number of raped women and girls was in the thousands. The same happened in Bangladesh. Author Ibn Warraq’s book, http://books.google.com/books/about/Leaving_Islam.html?id=CiDYAAAAMAAJ provides the testimony of Muhammad ben Abdullah whose reflections on the massacres committed in Bangladesh in 1971 give a glimpse into this Muslim world of rape. Both Ibn Warraq and Ben Abdullah are pseudonyms because speaking out against Islam, especially from an apostate, can be deadly. Ben Abdullah renounced Islam and became an apostate after seeing the crimes committed by Muslims in Bangladesh.

He writes: “I saw a well-equipped invading army indiscriminately killing millions of civilians and raping 200,000 women. Eight million uprooted people walked barefoot to take refuge in a neighboring country. The institution of Islamic leadership supported the invading army actively in capturing and killing freedom fighters and non-Muslims and raping women on a massive scale. Each of 4,000 mosques became the ideological powerhouses of the mass-killers and mass-rapists. And these killers and rapists, these Islamists, were the same people of the same land as the freedom fighters and raped women. That was the civilians of Bangladesh and the killer army of Pakistan in 1971. All the Muslim countries and communities of the world either stood idle or actively sided with the killers and rapists in the name of Islam. The message was clear. Something was very wrong, either with all the Islamic leaders or with Islam itself.”

The above quote found on page 294 of that same book by an eye witness to the murders and rapes.
In Syria, women were raped by both governmental troops and by “fighters for democracy” from Al Qaeda and other Islamist groups.

The truth is that raping the enemy’s women has become a part of Muslim warfare since Muhammad started his conquests. How is the enemy to Islam? Why Christians, non-muslims and Jews of course. That is evidenced by the systematic rape and torture of Coptic Christians in Egypt and South Africa by muslims.

Waqidi was a devout Muslim who sincerely admired the prophet Muhammad. But he was also a historian and one of the best experts on early Islam. In his book http://books.google.com/books?id=-Z4nAAAAQBAJ&dq=inauthor%3A%22Muhammad+Ibn+Umar+Waqidi%22&q=Bani+Mustaliq+wanted+to+besiege++Medina%2C+took+his+gang+of+the+Muhajirs+#v=onepage&q=Marysi’&f=false he describes the following episode:
Bani Mustaliq was a branch of the tribe of Khuza’ah who were the neighbors of Quraysh, the tribe of the prophet Muhammad. They were a free Arab tribe, not Jews or Christians. In the sixth year of the migration, Muhammad, under the invented pretext that Bani Mustaliq wanted to besiege Medina, took his gang of the Muhajirs (emigrants from Mecca who followed Muhammad to Medina; also called “Companions”) and the Ansar (those of the people of Medina who joined Muhammad and became Muslims), and attacked Bani Mustaliq by the Well of Marysi’. As a result of the “bloody battle,” ten men of Bani Mustaliq and one of the Companions were killed, gaining Muhammad a triumphant victory over the “idolatries.” Consequently, a large booty fell to the hands of the army of Islam, and the women of the enemy were an important part of that booty.
You may have supposed that Muhammad, described by Muslim scholars as ”the most merciful of all men,” immediately ordered his army to show mercy on them, but the truth is that he did not.

The troops composed of the first Muslim “saints” and “martyrs,” and commanded by Muhammad in person, started to rape 200 women whose husbands were not dead, and were in fact only a few feet from the site of the rapes. I repeat: 200 captured women of the tribe (expressly said to be free women and not slaves, “kara’im al ‘Arab”, Halabi ii 296) were raped by Muhammad’s men with his full consent! And what did “the most perfect of all men” do? He recommended to his men the means to prevent conception! To make the situation even more cynical, the Muslims, when they got bored of Bani Mustaliq women, made the husbands buy back their raped wives.

That was really a great idea! Such a wonderful method of raising funds for the “Sacred War” could come only to Muhammad’s clever head! First attack the free Arab tribe, then rape their women, then make the husbands pay ransom for letting their raped wives free, and on this money, organize the bandit raid on another Arab or Jewish tribe where the cycle will continue.

Now I understand how Islam spread so fast in Arabia at the time!

But perhaps this was just an isolated incident? No. On at least two other occasions, Khaybar and Hunain, Mohammed had to regulate what might be done with women taken on the field. It was at Hunain that he definitely enacted, against the scruples of some of his followers, that capture on the field ipso facto dissolved previous (heathen) marriages (see Koran iv 22); and that married wives (not merely virgins and slave-girls), even if their husbands were living and most likely present, might be passed to the immediate use of their conquerors, provided that certain precautions were taken against pregnancy. Anal rape the most common of these methods!

Are we to add these prescriptions to the universal “morals of war”?

But maybe Muhammad looked with disapproval at his soldiers but could not stop them? Maybe he himself never raped the captive women? Alas! The “Best of All Men” not only raped the captive women, but found a strange pleasure in raping those whose husband or father (or both) he had killed half an hour earlier. Juwayryia bint al Harith was the wife of Masafeah ibn Safuan, one of the leaders of the Banu Mustaliq tribe. He was killed during the attack of Muhammad in the skirmish by the Well of Marysi’. And Muhammad made her his wife immediately after the battle where her husband was killed.

After attacking the Banu Nadir Jewish tribe, Muhammad found a beautiful Jewish girl, Safiyya bint Huyayy. She was the wife of the treasurer of the tribe Kinana ibn al Rabi whom Muhammad had tortured and killed in order to make him reveal where the treasure of Banu Nadir was hidden. So Muhammad made her a widow. Her father, Huyayy ibn Akhtab, was also murdered by the order of Muhammad. Yet after this, “the Prophet of Islam” proposed marriage to the girl. The poor girl had “a choice”: either to become the wife of a man who killed her husband and father or to become a slave-girl, a toy for everybody her master tells her to please. She chose the lesser of the two evils and agreed.

Who would blame her? But another Jewish girl, a 17 year-old beauty named Rhianna of the Banu Quraiza tribe, refused to marry Muhammad who also killed her father and husband together with all the males of her tribe. And Muhammad raped her half an hour after ordering the murder of her family and then made her his slave-girl!

According to the Koran, Muslims have the right to sexually exploit all women – married, widowed, or unmarried – whom “their right hands possess.”
“And all married women (are forbidden unto you) SAVE THOSE (captives) WHOM YOUR RIGHT HANDS POSSESS. It is a decree of Allah for you…” (Koran, 4:24).

For any religious Muslim, anything Muhammad did and said is “The Truth Beyond Any Doubt.” If Muhammad did something – then any Muslim must simply do the same, and he will have the guarantee of Paradise.
However, Muslims did not stop there. They developed the teaching of the prophet and actually legitimized the rape of any woman who is “indecently dressed” or “demonstrates lewd behavior”.

What can you expect of a man raised in such traditions when he comes to the West?

Look to Sweden for that answer: http://themuslimissue.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/swedens-muslim-rape-epidemic-a-new-hell-for-women/ these are fine upstanding Muslim men raping Swedish girls. We all know the woman MUST have deserved it because she was just a woman? Maybe because she is an enemy and we have demonstrated how Islam treats enemy women. Maybe they dared show their faces? Whatever the excuse the fact remains Muslim men are raping non-muslim women in record numbers.

Don’t believe me how about Islamic scholars or the Koran itself?




Or their laws?


More rape victims being punished by lashings and these are a few of thousands reported and tens perhaps hundreds of thousands not reported?














So in Muslim countries this happens to avoid being “honor killed” or lashed and jailed!


More violence against non-muslims as rape is used as a tool:


These rapes used as a tool are common place even in todays world. Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and the list goes on and on. Women continue to be punished because they are raped in the Islamic world. Yet the leaders, those who could affect change from within remain silent.

Perhaps with enough awareness and external pressure Islam maybe shamed into doing the right thing and treating women as the equals they are. Perhaps the common people within Islam will become sick of their mothers, sisters, daughters being victimized by an unjust system that they will affect the change. Or perhaps Islam is at it’s core flawed and dhall forever remain flawed.

~Michelle Styles – April 8, 2014