Sunday taught me lessons from father in heaven and son on earth.

As dawn broke Sunday every muscle screamed and I knew I’d lived the day before. My heavenly father shown his light in my face and with a jolt reminded me of my race with Joey. Every muscle tense and I sat up to greet the sun. 

I found myself wondering if Josef felt the same. It was sore but a good sore. The kind of sore that reminds you of what an awesome day you had yesterday. But today will be no less physical. More surfing, more swimming and more running. That also means more laughing, more fun, more of Gods presence and more time with my son.

As we arrived at the beach the picnic gear, towels and shoes hit the beach quickly. We were both racing to get that first step, that slight lead. I remember the day before and all morning I was his shadow. “Today he’ll be mine!” I thought to myself as heavy foot falls hit the sand in pursuit of my son! 

I stopped short of the water watching him paddle out. Blissfully unaware mom stopped to smile. “Does he love surfing or time with mom more?” I wondered aloud I guess. A strange voice spoke and I understood about half the words. It said “I say surfing because I don’t see his mom.” I got embarrassed do I tell them?

I looked over and told the stranger a girl I am his mother. She smiled and asked “Is he single?” I just chuckled and shock my head no. He was on his first wave now heading back and he saw I was still on the beach. I couldn’t help but think he is poetry in motion. So graceful as he surfs. Maybe it’s because like mom he was little when he learned.

As his first ride ended he came to shore and asked if I was alright. “Of course” I signed. He asked why I stopped and I signed “Because I stopped to ponder which you love more surfing or time with me.” He said “Not even a toss up mom I like being with you more than surfing and it’s not even close.” 

I’m sure he saw the smile on my face. A mothers pride I guess.

He said “Let’s go or are you afraid I’ll beat you again!” So we raced for the waves and today started much like yesterday. Mother and son racing for the waves and racing to out do the other. Friendly competition upon Gods blue ocean.

Maybe it was his words but my day started with a bang and every moment made it better. He liked spending time with me more than surfing. Best of all it wasn’t a hard choice. I best enjoy these moments because tomorrow it’s back to work. Tomorrow my time becomes divided. Though I can say limited time is still leaps and bounds above no time.

As lunch arrived a repeat of yesterday. Potato salad, ham and cheese sandwiches, an apple, orange and grapes were lunch today. Man we ate like pigs. But when the food was gone he asked if I wanted ice cream his treat. His treat? Dam he is even earning his own money. I have to wonder just how fast these next fifteen years will fly by.

OK ok, ice cream it is.

After lunch and Joey buying me an ice cream we decided to skip the remaining waves and go play some volleyball. I had a game at three pm anyway. So we returned home put away the boards and lunch trash and changed into dry clothes suitable for volleyball. Then we headed to the beach and volleyball courts.

At the courts we played on the same team in mixed pickup ball. I found something mom is still better at! I laughed to myself as I thought well at least for now you can still best the twerp at something. I still think how awesome it is as I’ve watched him grow. It seems only yesterday he needed me for everything.

WHAP! I got hit in the head with a ball because day dreaming and volleyball don’t mix well. Oh how he laughed at me. Though it was kind of funny because I know better than to day dream on the court. I guess I can’t help it my little boy has become a man so quickly. I have to wonder just were the time went.

 Shake it off Chelly you have a game soon and your son is counting on mom to hold up her end of this team. We finished our game and even with my day dreaming we won respectably. Now it’s time to get ready for my game.

 We won in a slim margin. Almost to close for comfort to be honest. 21-20, 21-20, 21-19 a clean sweep. But with my son watching I felt the pressure. It might as well have been the world watching. Honestly it was like a huge weight sitting on me as I played. But it was worth it to play with my son watching. It always is.

But today was harder maybe because for the first time I knew he was the better athlete.

We closed our day in Little Havana with a fine meal and some latin dancing. Then auntie Sarah brought him to captain America the winter soldier. It wasn’t in closed caption so mom stayed home and got her Jedi to level 53!

Over all a second great day spent with my son and more realization how blessed I am he’s in my life. How bless he is by his heavenly father to be so well rounded. And more so how blessed the world is God decided to send my son to be in it.

I love you Josef even if you are a twerp for beating me so soundly all weekend long.

~Michelle Styles – April 7th, 2014