Saturday, a day spent surfing, racing and eating. A day spent realizing my baby has become a man. He’s grown tall and strong and will grow more still. He now has a 3 inch height advantage, 30 pound weight advantage and he’s smarter than mom as well. I’ve been told that’s no easy feat but he makes it look easy. Anyway on to our day.

There is nothing like spending a day from the wee hours to the end doing something that brings you great joy. For me that’s surfing, I know big surprise there? A day surfing is hard to top but today I has topped that day because today I am surfing with my son.

Today I’m doing something I love with the most important person in my life. Add to that gods presence this day and you have a recipe for greatness. Crystal clear waters and a perfect breeze greeted us this morning. Joey and I stepping from the sand into the vast ocean all the while grinning from ear to ear.

With a dart Josef dashed in turning just long enough to yell race ya! I was already three or four steps behind but it was so on. As fast as I could I tried to close the distance but the little twerp is fast as lightning and he made it to the first waves of the day before me. A telling sign of how the entire day will be. Mom one step behind and treasured son relishing that lead.

As I caught my first wave I could see he was already on his and pulling away at light speed. My only chance to catch him on the return trip out for our next wave. The morning was spent in pursuit of my son never quite catching him. Each trip I seemed just a little closer. Slow poke he would yell as he started out for his next wave.

He has to stop for lunch I though to myself. After lunch he will spend the day trying to catch me. For now all I could think was when did the twerp get so fast? He is like a fish in the water, he gets that from his mother. Perhaps he has evolved to be faster?

As my third wave crashes and my ride ends I see a clutch of girls watching my Josef surfing. I chuckled to myself because I know he is a handsome young man indeed. Time to paddle back and see if I can close the gap. By now others are beginning to surf. The line for waves is beginning to form.

The sun catches his reflection and seems to follow him to rides end. Incredible the father in heaven even bathes him in light, highlighting his son as mother watches.

Lunch arrives and not a moment to soon. I was starving I missed second breakfast. We have peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, fresh strawberries and bananas, Pringles chips and water. After half a can of chips, four sandwiches, two bananas and half the strawberries I was ready but he was still eating. Where does he put it??

Ha! I’m going to take the lead as soon as lunch was packed I grabbed my board only to see he was again three steps ahead. Racing to the waters edge. My heart quickens as I find myself wide open with no more to give. My throttle wide open and yet I can’t close the gap. Has he gotten that much faster since last time at the beach?

It would appear so. This afternoon maybe more of the same. Me following rather than leading. But wait is that weakness are his knees buckling? An illusion though I seem to have gained a step or two. I can reach out and touch him and within reach hope of beating him to the waves once more a glimmer.

We hit the water near the exact same moment. I paddle hard and yet he’s beside me I can see he won’t quit and neither will I. I know the moment our eyes meet I was in for an afternoon of racing the waves with my son. But he wasn’t playing it easy on me. Not a chance of that.

I hit the first wave but he got on it too. Still neck and neck this race was going to be intense. Unspoken words as all that mattered now was the ride…and beating my son to the next ride.

Hey I’m not that old that my almost fifteen year old son can’t be beaten by me still. The afternoon was full of racing to the next wave and the race repeated itself as friendly competition and the need to be better than the other grew with each passing ride.

Tired! Thank god I now had a small lead and super is upon us. Staggering from the water I won or did I? Looking back I can tell he to is tired and ready to eat. Yes that means I did win and it means tomorrow every muscle will hurt. But I won the day.

The last race was mine. He is now taller, stronger and will soon be faster than I am but for now mom still has one advantage. Another year and he’ll be giving me a two or three step lead.

Today I was reminded just how fast they grow up and just how fast we grow old.

~Michelle Styles – April 7, 2014