Islam the real war on women!

In a recent press release from a group called CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations), it’s clear they seem bent on offending people’s sense of decency and intellect and twisting logic into the arbitrary whims of their spin machine.

After hearing their spokeswoman speak on Fox news, it’s clear what CAIR believes, which is this.

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1) Speaking out against violence towards Muslim women makes you an Islamophobe.

So to point out the millions of women who suffer under sharia law is Islamophobic instead I ask why is Islam truthaphobic? To point to the beatings and other mistreatment of women under sharia and Islam makes you an Islamaphobe. I say then I must be an Islamaphobe because I find the treatment of women in Islamic countries and particularly under Islamic Sharia law to be deplorable and barbaric.

The domestic violence is supported by Islam as religious duty as the Quran supports it. Sura 4:34 in the Quran indeed permits husbands to hit their wives.

It is true that all societies have domestic violence; however, Islamic societies have it enshrined in their eternal word of Allah, unlike, say, the New Testament, which does not have even a faint hint of it. With such divine endorsement from Allah, can Islam be reformed on this matter?

I will demonstrate this to you. 

First, translations from only Muslim scholars are offered, so that they, not Westerners, speak for their own sacred text. 

The first stage gives two renouned Muslim translations of Sura 4:34. 

Egyptian-born M.A.S. Abdel Haleem, educated at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, and Cambridge University and now professor of Islamic Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, translates for Oxford University Press (2004), as follows:

4:34 Husbands should take full care of their wives, with [the bounties] God has given to some more than others and with what they spend out of their own money. Righteous wives are devout and guard what God would have them guard in the husbands’ absence. If you fear high-handedness from your wives, remind them [of the teaching of God], then ignore them when you go to bed, then hit them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them. God is most high and great.

He is saying wives must obey the master husband to not be hit? Really did I just read that? Of course I did because that is the role of the slave woman in Islam. Obedient, silent and there for nothing but the husbands whine and desire.

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, a scholar working out of Lahore, Punjab, E. Pakistan, began his translation in 1934 and revised it a third time by 1938. He notes in parenthesis, not original to the Arabic, the sequence of steps and the implied soft meaning of “beat them (lightly)”:

4:34 … As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (next), refuse to share their beds, (and last) beat them (lightly) …

This sequence in Yusuf Ali’s translation is important for the Muslims’ interpretation, below, so readers should zero in on them now. Why lightly you might ask? So not to blemish the face so others see your wife is not obedient.

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2) Speaking out against genital mutilation of adolescent Muslim girls makes you Islamophobic.

Genital mutilation is barbaric and robs the woman of the pleasures of sex. It’s painful and sometimes fatal. This barbaric practice is supported in the Quran. Scholors write of it as such. ‘Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.’–Sunan Abu Dawûd, Book 41, #5251.

It’s sole purpose to make the woman “less sexual” so she will be faithful. I sometimes wonder why Islamic men fear a womans sexuality so is it because they aren’t attentive lovers? Not fair to ask that question? I think it’s fair after all proven above the woman must obey her husband or suffer a beating.

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3) Speaking out against forced marriages in Muslim majority countries makes you Islamophobic.

Forcing a teenage or younger girl to marry a man old enough to be her father or grand father is wrong. Forcing anyone to marry another is wrong. It further demonstrates women from the earliest of ages are a commodity to be traded and sold.

Most of the marriages are to very young girls and as many as 20 million according to the United Nations report are below the age of 10. You have to get your slaves trained early you know.

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4) Speaking out against wife beating in Muslim families makes you Islamophobic.

I’ve heard Muslim men say “I had to keep her in line”. In line? You mean subservient and obedient. I’ve personally heard “She’s only a woman”. This was pathetic to hear only a woman.

Wife beating again is supported in the most holy Quran and practiced by faithful Muslim husbands the world over. To DARE question the Quran is a sin by and of itself. So how can you change a culture that refuses to even shed a light on itself. That refuses to accept women as equal and human?

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5) Speaking out against forced dress codes and coverings for women makes you Islamophobic.

In many Sharia countries they have police incharge of enforcing dress codes and “decency standards”. Islamic men rape women for what they wear and then claim she provoked it. Look at sweeden where 80% of all rapes are islamic men against Sweedish women. Now factor in Islamic men make up less than 12% of the men in sweeden but account for 80% of ALL rapes? 

Sounds to me like an excuse. I mean seriously are Islamic men so animalistic that they can’t control themselves if they see a womans calves? This doesn’t sound like a problem with the women it sounds like a problem with the Islamic male animal. Perhaps it’s time they be treated as an animal and put to sleep when they do extremely bad things like rape. I wonder if that would suddenly change the men in question?

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6) Speaking out against those who censor free speech that exposes evil makes you Islamophobic.

I’m not saying here all Muslims are bad. But a vast majority of terrorists are Muslim claiming it’s their holy duty to kill for Allah. This is off topic but something to consider.

Speaking out against the vile treatment of women and lashing and imprisoning a rape victim. You guessed it if you think that girl in Saudi Arabia who was raped by an intruder in her home and received 100 lashes and a year in jail was harsh then you sir are Islamophobic. As a side note the rapist was never found nor convicted.

If you think the Christian Girl in Egypt killed this week by an angry mob of Muslims for daring to have a cross displayed in her window was unjustified. Yup you’re Islamophobic. Didn’t hear about this one did you? Yeah thought so from our compliant news people.

A mob of Islamic men stopped a Coptic Christian girl who was driving to a church with medicine for the old and sick was stopped in her car. The mob pounded on the car and jumped on the roof until it collapsed. They then dragged her from the car and proceeded to beat her so badly that half her scalp was pulled off and she was unrecogizabel by her own family. She was then stabbed as many as twelve times ending her life.

Applaud? You Islamophobic person you!

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7) Speaking out against women seen as property in Islamic countries makes you Islamophobic.

A man can divorce a woman leaving her with nothing but under no scenario in Sharia law can a woman leave her husband. He can have sex with prostitutes and the Quran permits this and yet she is denied even the ability to travel outside the home without her husband. She isn’t allowed to drive lord forbid she learn a little freedom.

Many aren’t permitted education. look at the girl in Afganistan shot in the face. Why you ask? She dared ask for an education!

She must obey her master or be beaten of even honor killed. 

The daughter of a man in Pakistan was raped by several men. Where the men punished? No because she was raped she was honor killed by her brother and father. Honor killed? Sure she brought shame to her family because she was raped.

This honestly makes me sick writing this and people wonder why I would never ever be Muslim? I couldn’t and wouldn’t submit to being property.

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8) Speaking out again rape victims being caned as many as 200 times and being imprisoned for up to 2 years makes you Islamophobic.

Already covered this and it’s rampant in Sharia countries world wide. The victim is blamed and punished again. Yeah I’m Islamophobic then because I am against this idea as well. 

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9) Speaking out against “honor” violence and “honor” killings of wives and daughters makes you Islamophobic.

Right here in California a man killed his wife. He forced his daughter to tell some lie about anti-islam messages and finding her poor mother dead. She probably lied because she was next if she didn’t. 

But this goes deeper the man KNEW it was wrong and this is proven by the fact he lied to cover it up. He made his children lie to cover it up. So he KNEW it was wrong and did it anyway. His excuse? She was JUST a woman. Yeah he had the balls to say that to a judge.

A muslim man in france killed as many as fifteen women and when he appeared in court he claimed Islam doesn’t see women as human but as property. He therefore didn’t murder anyone he just disposed of his property the way he saw fit.

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So now that we establish you are also Islamophobic as CAIR would have you believe. Let’s move along.

A new movie entitled “Honor Diaries” is making it’s way to theaters unless CAIR manages to kill it. The movie website is

It’s a movie that exposes the brutality towards women within Islam under the guise of “honor.” This honor violence and the honor killings are nothing new. The documented costs are evidenced by the 125 million Muslim women and girls who had their identity and humanity ripped from them by a totalitarian ideology that believes in forced genital (mutilation) circumcision. 60 million women and girls have been forced into marriages with 1/3 being younger than 10 years old and upwards of 5,000 per year according to the UN are killed in the name of “honor.”

What CAIR is doing is hijacking this issue in order to promote themselves and kill the movie. They are too proud to be ashamed. While they claim to be outraged at the treatment of women and girls in Islam, they don’t want a single person to see this film. I say all the more reason you MUST see this film!

CAIR opposes the film for one reason and one reason only: it exposes the brutality done to Muslim women in the name of Islam. 

The tactics of CAIR are to engage in extreme vitriolic and slanderous criticism, labeling any opposition as immoral, or dehumanizing them (Muslims). Then turning the tables will take the narrative of claiming victimhood and hiding behind a cowardly defense of Islam, the religion. 

So they fight as political Islam, but when the going gets tough they hide behind the shield of religion.

CAIR should be praising the film for its raising awareness to the plight of so many Muslim women and children, whose pre-teen and younger girls (daughter) are grotesquely forced into marriages with men who are the age of their fathers and grandfathers.

But if Muhammad married six year old Aisha and consummated that marriage when she became nine, then what is a GOOD Muslim man to do?  If the highest calling is to live a life worthy of the prophet? To emulate his example is a worthy endeavor in Islamic male society.

And yet, there are human beings still today so callous to this evil — that they would not only stoop to defend it; but they will tell you and me we are “phobic” of their “way.” There are those who seek to suppress the truth because it exposed Islam for the boys club it really is.

CAIR since claims that they have no issue with the content of the film, only with the “Jewishness” and hateful intentions of the producers. Did I just hear an anti-Semitic dog whistle? Perhaps CAIR and muslims are Jewophobic and Christianophobics as well as truthophobic!

CAIR employs tactics of intimidation that begin with name calling, and if that doesn’t work, their PR war machine takes it to the next level. Most good, honest, just, fair-minded, equality loving people neither want the negative exposure, or the scarlet letter associated with such branding, so they self-censor in fear.

I say can’t stand the truth then change the truth so people stop talking about it. Change the barbaric way Islam treats women. Change the archaic notions supported not only by Islam and Sharia law but by the Quran itself. 

I say the facts and history are on my side here. I say logic and reason are on my side here. So I’ve no need to panic and no need to retreat. I’ll let out a little more rope and before long they hang themselves. 

I give you the readers of my blog the straight scoop. The tactics of the desperate who defend the unthinkable will be washed away in a flood. Those who ride the waves in confidence and stay on the solid ground of truth will win the day.

I say KOWABUNGA I’m surfing the waves and my board if truth. Where are the GOOD Muslims changing what’s wrong in their faith and society? Why do they sit silent and let others tell them how to think? Is there even a Muslim out there who is applauded at the treatment of women under Sharia and Islam?

Where is OUR media promoting the REAL war on women? Instead they promote made up wars by conservatives. If you dare say gee maybe a woman should pay for her own 9$ birth control and not have the american tax payers give it to them free. Yeah that’s a war on women but treating a woman as a slave and property? Oh no that’s not a war it’s just Islam.

~Michelle Styles – April 4th, 2014

Finally, I ask a question or two.  

If Islam is as it claims a fulfillment of Chrsitianity then why do they treat women so poorly when a woman is the vessel God sends life to earth through? 

Why does Christianity see women as equal and holy and free but Islam founded on Christianity believe so differently?

Why is western media so afraid of telling the truth about women’s plights under Islam?

Can anyone answer? Anyone at all? I really want to know.

Can anyone answer this? Anyone at all?