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Spirit walk part 2

Many native peoples practice and celebrate the dream walk. It’s called a vision quest, spirit walk or sacred dream by some. I know I’ve said it before the Oglala Lakota word for Vision Quest is Hembleciya (ham-blay-che-ya). The word Hembleciya translates in English to “Crying for a Dream.”

When our soul is troubled and we seek wisdom to life and spiritual troubles people cry out for answers. Some seek advice from elders at church, some seek a psychiatrist, some talk to trusted friends. We take a walk in dream and seek wisdom from our ancestors and our creator.

We head to the mountain where thee ashes of our ancestors have been scattered to the wind and returned to the earth. Their spirit set free of mortal bonds. Here I will find those who went before me and share some wisdom of the past to solve problems of the present.

 My walk was very personal. I gave you a little insight in my previous post. I will not be sharing much more just yet as there is much wisdom still riddled inside. Given as a puzzle to solve and receive the blessings of the answers or guidance they provide. No today is about thankful pleasures.

Today is about remembering the gift of time given on a personal level from my creator. He stayed with me on my walk. My heavenly father remained and talked and shared with me. He granted me vision into wisdom and love. This is what Hembleciya is about. It’s about going to the place he instructs and once in his home enjoying the time shared.

I know one thing God can’t smell. Because I sure stank after three days in the same clothes, three days with no shower, I sure stank and yet he stayed. 

OK joking aside it’s an incredible time when you undertake a spirit walk. A time when the world stands still, a time when all that matters is right now. It’s physically, mentally and emotionally draining. But it’s spiritually fulfilling and uplifting. It’s a time when you push yourself to remain awake, to go without food, to dance often, pray and meditate constantly. 

It’s a time of trial and a time of joy. Some won’t understand it and others will. I can’t really describe the immense joy of my walk nor the sadness of its end. Though tired on every level humanly known I wished it would last forever. For me my walk was a success and now back to my word for 2014 courage. The courage to act and change my life is what must be done now.

My walk provided guidance on so many levels. Now to assimilate the change required beginning with self forgiveness. Guess that’s where Yoda, secret and pastor Pardon come in to my life. To guide me forward on this endeavor. My time and guidance showed me the tools to this were already at my fingertips.

When you stop to think about it you realize. He is a pretty incredible father isn’t he? I mean he brought good people who know what forgiveness truly is into my life knowing what I needed to learn. He did this before I even knew I needed it for myself.

Pastor Pardon wrote the book on forgiveness. Technically two books. Secret has moved past forgiving herself and will be another valuable asset during this particular trial. Secret also known as my earthly guardian angel has written a book as well about the victims. And Yoda is named such because he is both old and wise. The father of the man who wrote the book on forgiveness.

See what I mean pretty incredible father eh?

So much is still in riddle form. So much still locked away for when it’s needed. Yet much guidance and many things I can start on.

With every challenge I am facing I see God has place people into my life well in advance of me knowing who can be resources, advisors and guardians while I am transformed and made whole. Every question I had I now see the keys to each trial, each challenge are right here. Right where they need to be in my life.

One of the messages I believe I know now what was imparted. I was told “Calm is the art of surviving the hunt, steady is the pace of surviving in life” I think that means slow down a little, have some patience. Two things I’m not known for to be honest. Sometimes these ancestors and their riddles. Grrrrr


Some of the other wisdom imparted.

 “Peace is found in the places we dare not look.”
“Darkness can never swallow light it can only trick your eye.”
“To believe in monsters is to believe in heroes. Not all are as they appear.”
“Perception clouds all we see with the veil of deceit.”
“Distortion in vision of truth is clear in blind eyes.”
“Conflicted peace is a shell best left empty.”
“A spirit is never shattered only the practice of reality.”
“Rest and peace share little except the same moment.”
“Beware the friend in the mask, he is no friend to you.”
“Within the mind the power to create is ultimate. We create what we need and become what we create. Your creation remains your vision and your charge.”

The visit from the lone spirit wolf? Who was the wolf? Why is it sad? This I need the guidance of the medicine man on. 

I’ve spoken with the medicine man. I asked him about the vision of a lone spirit wolf who came to my cave. The wolf enter the cave, paced and sniffed looking for something. He stopped at me a tear in his eye before he turned and his head hung low as he left me. His guidance on the big picture message was this.

The spirit wolf who came was alone. It’s a sign you the pursuing wolf need to step back in your life. You need to focus on making yourself whole. You are divided now and this can not stand forever. Before you make choices that will affect your life and those in it you need to make the choice to be one within yourself. 

He said my choices made while not whole will lead to hurt and disappointment. I will end up hurting people because I am selfish now. A whole self, a confident wolf who has what he seeks already is ready to have a pack. But a wolf divided against itself will only harm the pack it seeks to build.

The wolf of my vision was me. The message of a wolf broken and not ready to lead a pack. I think he maybe right on this one. I need to be whole before I can lead myself, a pack or life. 
Anyway heaps of thanks to my heavenly father for all his time. Love and respect to him for placing all I need right here in my life. Awe and admiration for his vast creation. Peace and Grace for his continued presence in my life. 

I’d say this walk provided much in the way of love, guidance and spirit and even at that it’s a colossal understatement.

~Michelle Styles – March 28, 2014