It’s hard to say the things I feel as we celebrate my grandfather Mato. I missed much of his incredible life and even the brief times I’ve spent in his company have impacted me profoundly.

What I can say is celebrating a life instead of morning a death just seems right. I’ve learned more about a man I’ve admired and in the end isn’t that how we keep them with us?

It’s been a trip I will take you on now. With a short poem of what’s inside.

I’m going crazy out of my mind hearing voices so unkind.
Scream and yell within my head, voices hunger must be feed.
Calling hunger from within, I’m not good enough pure as sin.
Voice calling from under my bed, voice deep within my head.

Rain pouring with my soul, body mending and mind is whole.
Ever forward toward the light, fighting, fighting with all my might.
Cascade failure subconscious mind, words inside some are kind.
Get these voices from my sight, let the sunshine forever bright.

Breathing air fresh and clear, singing praises in my ear.
Health and monsters go in hand, playing soulful in the sand.
From sunrise to sunset, this is all the day you’ll get.
Take the maker by the hand, listen close his holy band.

Heard the voices in my head, his voice hungers it must be feed.
Righteous glory fills the air, tears of joy we must share.
Celebrate the life of one, celebrate a new days sun.
So gather round all who care, gather round then stop and stare.

Let his majesty sink right in, spend your days with next of kin.
Tell those to meet along the way, of the world of night and day.
So stay a while and listen, to stories of the one you’re missing’.
Try in vain to run away, you’ll find your mind in disarray.